Agenda- Conservation Committee

Conservation Committee Meeting Agenda

October 2, 2018

  • Approval of agenda
  • Jim Daniel volunteers to take minutes
  • Approval or correction of the September minutes
  • Introduction and comments by guests.
  • Report from the Board Liaison; Mary Clark’s membership?
  • Ecotone Contract and CC budget status

$6,007.61 of $8250.00 remaining for CY 2018

Purchasing and expenses - any un-reimbursed exp. by committee members?

Tools and supplies (refreshments, rock and flags, e.g.)

Procurement- Invite HOAMCO rep


  • Library Trail completion


            Contract with area Licensed Professional Surveyor to locate and mark all lot boundaries for properties adjacent to the Trail and the connecting Greenbelt Access Points.

            Southwest Mountain Surveys -505-982-9429

            Curtis Land Surveying – 505-995-9938

            Santa Fe Surveying Co. – 505-992-3211

            Surveying Services – 505-438-8175

            Yager Land Surveys – 505-983-8172

            A to Z Surveying Co. – 505-471-3366

            Del Rio Surveys Inc. – 505-820-9200

            Advanced Surveying & Associates – 505-473-1429

            Souder Miller & Associates – 505-473-9211

            Discussion of communication with lot-owners prior to/after survey

            Discussion of follow-up with more permanent/visible boundary markers

  • Preserve projects: 404 trail completion

            Scheduled work days, 10-13-18 and 10-27-18

             flagging 401 alt.

Update on trail condition assessments.

Unfinished and on-going projects:   New signs

                        Tamarisk in the 200

              CR-51 fence repair where cut

              Removing downed trees from fence lines

  • Review the Committee Charter

Discuss Greenbelt vegetation control–Historically the CC has had only an                          advisory role. What should our role be going forward?

Discuss Greenbelt stewardship

  • Old business
  • New Business