Agenda- Conservation Committee

Conservation Committee Meeting Agenda

 December 4, 2018

1)     Approval of agenda

2)     Appointment of recording secretary

3)     Approval or correction of the October minutes

4)     Introduction of guests.

5)     Report from the Board Liaison

6)     HOAMCO representative discussion, budget status, purchasing, payments (Ecotone) and expenses, status of Project Manager position


7)      Library Trail completion


            Status of surveying project, RFP and contract status

8)     Preserve projects: report on trail work days, 404 trail status

            status of additional trails pending in the 400


Unfinished and on-going projects:

             New signs installation including 404

             Update Preserve Map (100 and 400 new trails)and replace junction signs

                        Tamarisk in the 200, report

             CR-51 fence, report

9)     Review the Committee Charter

Discuss Greenbelt vegetation control, trail stewards – Historically the CC has had only an            advisory role. What should our role be going forward?

Update on trail condition assessments.

Trail stewards


11)  Old business

12)  New Business

Committee’s authority in the green belts: Hot tub, solar array, megaliths, dirt bikes

Parking at the 400

January meeting, 01-08?