Agenda- Conservation Committee

Conservation Committee Meeting Agenda November 2018--CANCELLED 


1) Approval of agenda
2) Appointment of recording secretary
3) Approval or correction of the October minutes
4) Introduction and comments by guests.
5) Report from the Board Liaison
6) Budget status, purchasing and expenses
7) Library Trail completion
Status of surveying project
8) Preserve projects: report on trail work days,404 trail statusstatus of additional trails planned for the 400 trail series: 404‐a "shortcut"401 re‐routeUnfinished and on‐going projects: New signs installation Tamarisk in the 200, report CR‐51 fence, reportUpdate on trail condition assessments. Trail stewards

10) Old businessReview the Committee Charter: Is there consensus on leaving the charter as‐is for the present?

11) New Business