Agenda- Conservation Committee

ECIA Conservation Committee Agenda

April 6, 2021

  1. 1. Call to Order
  2. 2. Appointment of Recording Secretary (Thom Bredenberg)
  3. 3. Roll call of members & determination of quorum
  4. 4. Approval of Agenda
  5. 5. Announcements:

Meeting is being streamed on ZOOM with the following rules:

Guests are muted until recognized; guests should type in name, full address and topic to speak during the OPEN FORUM. Residents will be recognized on a first come, first served basis.

Private messaging during the meeting is disabled.

An audio recording of the Zoom meeting will be made, and will be available after the meeting upon request to

  1. 6. Approval of March Minutes
  2. 7. Board Liaison Report
  3. 8. HOAMCO report
  • Eldorado access to State Public Trust Lands
  • New fencing @ Trailhead One
  • Fence repairs @ Preserve western fence line & powerline easement gate
  1. 9. Open Forum
  2. 10. Project status updates:
    • Report on Eldorado Equestrian access to the Preserve (Paul Butt)
    • Library Trail project communication with area residents (Paul Butt)
    • SF Conservation Trust, Preserve Tour on Saturday 4/10
    • 401 damsite, north gully Project (phase 2)
  1. 11. New business:

                   Discussion of CC meeting format (live, Zoom, Live + Zoom)

                   Discussion of SOP for Greenbelt Fire Risk Mitigation

  1. 12. Old Business
  • Discussion of SOP for differentiating woody/brushy habitat from hazardous fuel accumulations in the Greenbelts, for wildfire risk management
    • Preserve signage project next steps
    • Set workdays for Tr 401 south site tour and re-route
  • Set workday for Tr 401 north re-route site tour
  • Discussion of request for consideration of placing bench(es) in the Preserve
  1. 13. Adjournment