Agenda- Conservation Committee

ECIA Conservation Committee January Meeting Agenda

January 2th, 2018


  1. Approval of November Minutes - Secretary ??


  1. Welcome Guests


  1. Welcome to new liaison.


  1. Cows in the 401 meadow again. (see below)


  1. Discussion of presentation of the CC budget to the residents


  1. Schedule of work to finish off trail 404


  1. Other preserve projects: 302/302 Trail 201


  1. In case it ever rains or snow we need a procedure to determine if Trailhead 2 and 3 needs to be locked up. I think we also need to buy locks.


  1. Flagging the library trail


  1. John R can you bring a list of steps we need to complete to finish this


  1. SOP for approving new trail proposals in the preserve in the preserve.




  1. Other Business


  1. Adjournment