Agenda- Conservation Committee

ECIA Conservation Committee Agenda

May 1st, 2018

General topics

●      Minutes review and approval

●      Guests

●      Charter approval vote

●      Non-Resident Volunteer appreciation? There are a number of non-Eldoradans that participate on our workdays (such as the UNM students). Perhaps we should grant them “Eldorado Guest Passes” (for 1 year) so they can enjoy the Preserve without supervision. Discuss and pass on to the board.

  • Eldorado Trail Stewards? Discuss recruiting and empowering Eldorado residents to “adopt” sections of trails - report on concerns - perform routine preventative maintenance. Discuss and pass


    on to the board.

  • Vista Article Ideas? Discuss article for inclusion in July Vista (we have to submit to Courteney 1st week of each month)

Preserve topics

●      404 Trail - update

  • Next Workday? May 12th?

  • Post 404 projects for this year?

Greenbelt topics

●      Goats - progress update

●      Library Trail - update - blading delayed until Pool ready to open

  • Post Library Trail projects for this year?

Vote on new member

  • This will be Lisa Jacques-Carroll’s 3rd meeting (including a trail work day)