Agenda- Conservation Committee

Sept 5, 2017 -- Conservation Committee Meeting Agenda

  1. Secretary Appointment Rob Egemeier?
  2. Minutes Approval
  3. Guests
  4. Preserve Fall Schedule – Dates – October 14th and November 11th - Choose Priorities Probably can do two

Possible Projects – 201, 101 low meadow, 401 reroute from TH to ridge, 403 reroute, 301. Since there is controversy about trail 201, I suggest we walk it on Sept. 14th if we can fit it in.

UNM Wilderness Alliance. We had a great experience working with you to plant cottonwood trees down at the Bosque last spring, and we are looking to do more conservation projects this semester.

  1. Greenbelts
    1. Update by Cecil on Playground trail
    2. September 14 Survey day to assess status of the library trail and A Cholla problem on Pueblo canyon trail. Trail tape to help demark trail.
    3. We will need to postpone this. - John Reynolds Walkability idea to be fleshed out by John
  2. Trail sign status update – Paul Butt
  3. Budget was due. Jim D prepared it and sent it to Isabel. Included in packet. Anything egregious probably can be changed.
  4. Possibility of monthly ½ hour meetings with the GM to work on problems prior to the monthly committee meeting.
  5. Discussion of a permanent change of structure to either two co-chairs or a Chair/vice chair
  6. COLTPAC - John P
  7. Old Business
    1. Status of the fence in the meadow of trail 401.
  8. New Business