Agenda- Conservation Committee

ECIA Conservation Committee Agenda

June 2, 2020



Appointment of Recording Secretary



Approval of Agenda


Approval of May Minutes


Board Liaison Report


HOAMCO report:


Project status updates:

Ad hoc parking opposite TH 4 401 Gully, revised Phase 1 Fenceline Patrol May 24

Volunteer information signs (John Reynolds) Library Trail (June Vistas article)

Replace gate/fencing on ranch road east of TH4




(RFB progress)








Remaining work on 404 Meadow project


Other projects for 2020 - Dynamic Duo project recommendations?

  1. New business:

Draft 2021 budget (Paul Butt)

  1. Old Business:

Signage and Map Updates (Tom Brimacombe)

Early Summer work day scheduling    ON HOLD Rock Climber Damage:

  • Status report on the middle section of the 401 archaeologically sensitive area (Paul Butt & Thom Bredenberg).
  • Information updates on means for protection of the 401 archaeologically & ecologically sensitive area, cleanup (ladder, anchored hardware, chalk) and restoration possibilities (Thom Bredenberg).
  • Discussion of closure of the social trail off of 401 with a sign & brushing
  1. Open Forum:

Preliminary discussion of recreational metal detector use in the Preserve

Discussion of rock climbing in the Preserve

The Merriam Webster definition of a Preserve is "an area restricted for the protection and preservation of natural resources." The verb is defined as "to keep safe from injury, harm, or destruction."

Is the Preserve an area set aside by and for the community as a place where habitat, wildlife and scenic beauty are the principal values, or do recreational values take precedence. If so, what are the limits?

The Conservation Committee asks that speakers limit themselves to 3 minutes.

We encourage:

Discussion by community members of means for communicating with and educating rock climbers about the problems that led to the current closure of the Preserve to rock climbing.

Discussion by community members of means for developing a "leave no trace" ethic, including avoidance of the creation and use of social trails, as a condition for allowing rock climbing in non-sensitive areas.

Discussion by community members of means for developing an active spirit of self-regulation within the Eldorado rock-climbing community, so that permanent closure of the Preserve to this activity is not necessary.

  1. Adjournment