Agenda- Conservation Committee

ECIA Conservation Committee Agenda

May 5, 2020

  1. Appointment of Recording Secretary
  2. Approval of Agenda
  3. Approval of March Minutes
  4. Board Liaison Report
  5. HOAMCO report:

Paul Butt has asked Mike Rogers to make a brief report from his experience re: the Ranger Program @ Ken-Caryl Ranch Open Space in Colorado

  1. Project status updates:

(discussion about proceeding with contractor-based work)

Remaining work on 404 Meadow project

401 Gully, revised Phase 1 Library Trail (June Vistas article)

Other projects for 2020: Solo projects feasible?

  1. New business:

Rock Climber Damage: protection of the 401 archaeologically sensitive area, cleanup (ladder, anchored hardware, chalk) and restoration possibilities

ad hoc parking opposite TH 4

replace gate/fencing on ranch road east of TH4 Livestock in the Preserve/ Fenceline Patrol

Re: the above, and non-residents using the preserve, should we recommend to the Board that the Preserve be closed to all use? As a related but separate issue, should we recommend that the Preserve be closed to all rock climbing activities?

8. Old business:

Annual Report (p. 11 of published report)

Signage and Map Updates

Need for Volunteer or other new signs?

Spring & Early Summer work day scheduling - ON HOLD

9. Open Forum, if time allows

10. Adjournment