Agenda- Conservation Committee

Conservation Committee Meeting Agenda

March 5, 2019

  • Approval of agenda
  • Appointment of recording secretary
  • Approval of the February minutes
  • Excused absences and Introduction of guests. (Discussion of arroyo treatment @ Gavilan Rd)
  • Report from the Board Liaison (Greenbelt Trail SOP and Greenbelt Trails Standards documents)
  • HOAMCO report —Ecotone contract


  • Participation in upcoming events (Explora, Garden Fair, Earth Day, Kids' MTB race)
  • Library Trail completion, surveying status update
  • Status of New Trail Procedures document
  • Review and discussion of Landscape Practices Document
  • Preserve Trail work schedule JWJ projects and committee work days
  • Old business; condition of muddy trails in the preserve
  • New Business
  • Open Forum