Agenda - ECIA Governing Board

ECIA Working Session with Finance Committee and Board Meeting– DRAFT Agenda

Tuesday, October 19, 2021

Community Center and Zoom Media

5:00 PM

  1. Joint Working Session Call to Order (President and Chair Finance Committee)
  2. Announcements:
  • Meeting is being streamed and recorded on ZOOM:
  • Guests will be muted; For SECURITY PURPOSES anyone entering the meeting MUST identify themselves with name and address or they will not be allowed to enter; AS ALWAYS, anyone wishing to speak during the OPEN FORUM MUST type in name, address and topic in community chat. All Chat messages without proper ID will be deleted.
  • Private messaging during this meeting is disabled.
  1. Presentation of Preliminary Working Budget by Finance Committee
  2. Questions from Directors
  3. Discussion
  4. Adjournment

***Board Meeting Begins***

  1. 1. Board Meeting Call to Order (President)
  2. 2. Roll Call / Declaration of Quorum (Secretary)
  3. 3. Introductory Comments (President)
  4. 4. Introduction of HOAMCO Staff attendees
  5. 5. Adoption of Agenda


  • General Manager’s Report
  • Covenant Compliance Report
  • Approval of September Minutes







  • Architecture Committee – Kat Mortimer
  • By Laws Committee – Amelia Adair
  • Conservation Committee – Paul Butt
  • Election Committee – Bette Knight
  • Facilities & Grounds Committee – Kathy Ritschel
  • Finance – Dan Drobnis
  • Information Committee – Pam Henline
  • Road Committee – James Mason
  • Stable Committee – Amelia Adair
  • Website Task Group – David Sorkin



  1. To approve the Poolside, LLC contract for pool plastering
  2. To approve use of $51,000 from the existing Replacement and Reserve 2021 budget for the pool plaster project down payment
  3. To increase the Conservation Committee budget by $9,000 to complete the erosion in the Preserve project
  4. To embark on a process to map all the boundaries of ECIA Greenbelt common space
  5. To approve updated Committee Charters
  6. To initiate ECIA communications in a staff position (Discussion will include open forum)


  • 1 Joya Court to allow a new shed to be located 33 feet from the dwelling home
  • 3 Conchas Place to allow for a new fence to remain on the lot with the stringers on the outside of the fence
  • 2 Mimosa Road to allow for a new large accessory structure to be located at a distance of 35 feet from the dwelling home






OPEN FORUM (20 minutes)