Agenda - ECIA Governing Board

ECIA Board Meeting Agenda

Thursday, June 20, 2019

Open Meeting / 7:00 pm

Community Center Classroom


Call to Order


Roll Call / Declaration of Quorum


Announcements – meeting being recorded


Approval of Agenda

Consent Agenda Items


  1. Approval of the May 20, 2019 Board Working Session Notes
  2. Approval of the May 23, 2019 Board Meeting Minutes
  3. Acceptance of the May Finance Report
  4. Acceptance of the May/June General Manager’s Report
  5. Acceptance of the May Covenant Compliance Report
  6. Approval of variance for 6 Encantado Loop
  7. Approval of variance for 115 Jornada Loop
  8. Approval of variance for 5 Bonito Court

Presentation by Claudia Borchert, Santa Fe County Sustainability Manager


Open Forum for Agenda Items


New Business

  1. 1. Motion to approve the contract with New Image Construction for $127,914.25 to replace the

    water system at the ECIA Stables

  1. 2. Motion to approve the contract with Water Management for $50,580.44 to complete the new

    septic system for the Community Center and the Pool Bath House


  1. 3. Motion to create an Accessory Dwelling Structure Ad-hoc Committee to develop guidelines

     for implementation of the new Santa Fe County regulations regarding accessory dwellings.

  1. 4. Motion to appoint Mark Hiatt to the Architecture Committee
  1. 5. Motion to appoint Deena Joseph to the Stable Committee
  1. 6. Motion to appoint DiAna Gutierrez to the Information Committee
  1. 7. Signing of New “Agreement to Serve”


  • Conservation Committee – John Parker, Chair
  • Architecture Committee – Bernardo Monserrat
  • Election Committee – David McDonald
  • Environmental Advisory Ad Hoc Committee – Todd Handy
  • Facilties & Grounds Committee – Todd Handy
  • Finance Committee & Monthly Report – Joseph Gutierrez
  • Information Committee – David McDonald
  • Road Committee – Todd Handy
  • Stable Committee – Joseph Gutierrez


Open Forum for General Issues




Executive Session – Legal and Personnel Issues


Upcoming Board Meetings: 


Board of Directors Working Session: Monday, July 15, 2019 at 6:00 PM, Classroom


Board of Directors Meeting: Thursday, July 17, 2019 at 7:00 PM, Classroom