Agenda - ECIA Governing Board

ECIA Board Working Session Agenda (WS)

Monday, February 13, 2017 at 6:00PM

Community Center Classroom

Call to Order/Attendance

Approval of Agenda


Variance Requests

  1. 2 Jacinto Court to allow existing structure 7 feet into 20 foot setback
  2. 40 Carissa Road to allow for new small accessory building of 9 feet in height
  3. 106 Monte Alto Road to allow 5 foot tall coyote fence 9 feet into 20 foot setback
  4. 10 Quedo Road to allow the following work already completed without ECIA approval
    1. To allow one (#3) tank 2” over the allowed 72”
    2. To allow exemption from screening (#3) tank due to location
    3. To allow one tank (#4) only partial screening due to location
    4. To allow construction of screening fence not in a style listed in Guidelines

Consent Agenda Items

1.   Review of January 19, 2017 Board Meeting Minutes

2.   January Covenant Compliance Report

4.   January’s Financial Report

5.   General Manager’s Report and Review of Action Items


New Business

  1. Election Committee Updated Election Procedure  
  2. ECIA Stable Expenses / John Henriksen

2.   Update on PASER Evaluation / Lee Onstott and Isabel Ugarte

3.   Pool Sub Committee

Old Business

Adjournment of Open Meeting

Board Executive Meeting to follow adjournment

Next Scheduled Meeting: Monthly ECIA Board of Directors Meeting

Thursday, February 16, 2017 at 7:00PM in the Railroad Building