Agenda - ECIA Governing Board


September 16, 2020

6:00 – 7:30 pm via Zoom


Meeting Attendees:

              Nancy Sulzberg, BOD President

Melicent D’Amore, BOD Vice-President

Sal Monaco, BOD Treasurer

Carol Sanguinetti, BOD Secretary

David Sorkin, Director

Katharine Mortimer, Chair Architecture Committee

              Paul Butt, Chair Conservation Committee

              Bette Knight, Chair Election Committee

             Kathy Ritschel, Chair F & G Committee

              Dan Drobnis, Chair Finance Committee

             Pam Henline, Chair Information Committee

              James A. Mason, Chair Roads Committee

             Amelia Adair, Chair Stable Committee

  • Introductions
  • Covenant Compliance
    • Challenges maintaining or restoring compliance with existing policies, guidelines and rules.
      • Committee Chairs: Please be prepared to share 2 or 3 challenges.
    • Options for enhancing compliance
  • Open Forum [10 minutes].

Members of the ECIA community can observe the proceedings via ZOOM and when recognized during the Open Forum can share their questions or concerns.  We ask that any resident speaker please announce their full name and address.  The session will be recorded; thumb drive copies can be obtained by members in good standing by calling the ECIA office.