Agenda - ECIA Governing Board

ECIA Board Working Session Agenda (WS)

Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Executive Session 5:00PM

Open Meeting 6:00 pm

Community Center Classroom


Call to Order/Attendance




Variance Requests

  1. 16 Herrada Road-Variance to request to allow for the existing fence and shed to encroach into the 20 foot side setback. The shed encroaches 8 feet into the 20 foot setback, and the fence encroaches 20 feet into the setback and up to the property line.
  2. 61 Estambre Road- Variance for approval to allow new coyote fence to remain 10 feet into the 20 foot setback.
  3. 41 Encantado Road- Variance to allow for a separate garage that exceeds the maximum amount of square footage of 800 feet by 79 feet.
  4. 18 Garbosa Road- Variance to allow for a non-compliant color to remain on the home while resident did not receive approval to apply non-compliant color.


Consent Agenda Items

  1. Review of July 19, 2017 Board Working Session Meeting Notes and July 24, 2017 Board Meeting Minutes – McDowell
  2. July Covenant Compliance Report
  3. July Financial Report – Gutierrez
  4. Review General Manager’s Report – Ugarte
  5. Nolan Zisman’s appointment to Facilities and Grounds Committee – Forneris

Executive Session to Discuss ECIA Legal Matters and Board Member Conduct

Action Items

  1. ECIA Stable Fees Collection Policy – Ugarte
  2. Horse burial prohibition policies – Henriksen



  1. Treasurer’s Report, including Finance Committee Updates – Gutierrez
  2. Information Committee Report – Price
  3. Report on ECIA Record Retention Plan – McDowell, Henline, Price
  4. Report on revised ECIA annual assessment letter – McDonald, Henline, McDowell
  5. Report on responses to potential sources of contamination at ECIA stables – Ugarte / Forneris
  6. Report on HOAMCO contract negotiations – Henriksen, Forneris, Gutierrez
  7. Discussion Items


Next Scheduled Meeting: Monthly ECIA Board of Directors Meeting

Monday, August 21, 2017 in the Railroad Building

6:00 PM: Executive Session / 7:00PM: Open Meeting