Agenda - ECIA Governing Board


Board of Directors Meeting Agenda

Monday, November 20th, 2017

7pm –Open Meeting

ECIA Railroad Building


Call to Order/Designation of Quorum



2018 Budget Open Forum

Office Holiday Closure


Open Forum


Approval of Agenda

Consent Agenda Items

  1. Review of October 18, 2017 Board Working Session Meeting Notes and October 23, 2017 Board Meeting Minutes – McDowell
  2. October Covenant Compliance Report
  3. October Financial Report – Gutierrez
  4. Review General Manager’s Report – Ugarte
  5. 2 Joya Court- Variance to allow for an existing fence that was in place when the current owner purchased the property.
  6. 27 Cagua Road- Variance to allow for a non compliant color to remain on the home

New Business


  1. 67 Camerada Loop-Resident requesting ECIA approval to operate a home business
  2. Motion to allow staff to have day after Thanksgiving and Christmas off as a paid day-Henriksen
  3. Motion to approve record retention plan-McDowell
  4. Motion to approve formation of an ad-hoc environmental advisory committee and its members - Forneris
  5. Motion to request monthly Alliance bank statements from HOAMCO-Gutierrez
  6. Motion to request HOAMCO to notify ECIA when they contract a third party vendor-Gutierrez
  7. Motion to appoint new member David Sorkin to the Finance Committee-Gutierrez



Upcoming Board Meetings: 


Board of Directors Working Session, December 13 , 2017, at 6:00 PM, Community Center Classroom

Board of Directors Meeting, December 18, 2017, at 7:00 PM, Railroad Room