Agenda - ECIA Governing Board

ECIA Board Working Session Agenda (WS)

Monday, May 15, 2017 at 6:00PM

Community Center Classroom

Call to Order/Attendance

Approval of Agenda



Variance Requests

  1. 1 Azul Drive- Variance to allow existing fence to encroach 5 ft. into the 50 rd. side setback.
  2. 22 Juego Road – Variance to allow for driveway liner to be located inside 50 ft. roadside setback and to allow liner to remain as solid coyote fence design.
  3. 6 Moya Place- to allow for carport to be built more than 15 ft. from home and to allow for existing fence enclosure space on lot to exceed 4000 sq. ft.
  4. 2 Sombra Court- to allow for existing fence to remain in 20 ft. side setback

Consent Agenda Items

  1. Review of April 20, 2017 Board Meeting Minutes - McDowell
  2. April Covenant Compliance Report
  3. April Financial Report - Gutierrez
  4. Review General Manager’s Report - Ugarte


New Business

  1. Neighbor to Neighbor Program; further discussion - Michael Landen
  2. Labyrinth Cost for materials - Chris
  3. Retention Schedule – Ugarte / Henriksen
  4. Mulch for the Dog Park - Ugarte
  5. Appointment of New Member of Architectural Committee – McDonald
  6. Discussion of ECIA Stable Issues:
  7. Presentation of draft Board policy regarding ECIA support of stable owners – Henriksen
  8. Financial impact statement relating to increases in stable owner fees – Gutierrez
  9. Need for legal opinion about ECIA relationship with stable owners – McDowell / Forneris
  10. Status of pending Stables Rules – Henline
  11. Status of HOAMCO financial reporting issues – Gutierrez / Forneris
  12. Potential changes to Vistas, other pending Information Committee issues – Price
  13. Election Committee Issues – Henline
  14. Board concerns or comments regarding election process.
  15. Board input to Election Committee regarding possible ByLaws update.

Adjournment of Open Meeting


Board Executive Meeting to follow adjournment to discuss HOAMCO management contract and Legal matters of the ECIA

Next Scheduled Meeting: Monthly ECIA Board of Directors Meeting

Thursday, May 18, 2017 at 7:00PM in the Railroad Building