Agenda- Facilities and Grounds Committee

Draft Facilities and Grounds Committee Special Meeting Agenda

Wednesday November 13, 2019, 10 am ECIA CC

Call to Order: 10:00am

In Attendance: Nolan Zisman, Fred Raznick, Mary Ellen Donat, Kathleen Ritschel, Taylor Ward, Karen Murry; OM Mike Rogers; Pool Manager Jessica Collins.

Old Business: Review Specifications for Phase II of Pool Rehab, including but not limited to:

  1. Phase I Error Corrections. Casa De Suenos will address: a)Deeper bench tops will be purchased for both men’s and women’s changing rooms. b) Partition between shower and toilet stall will be added to, so as to be lowered and keep water from splashing into stall area. c) Partition between shower and urinal will be added to, so as to be lowered to keep water from splashing into urinal area. d) Hooks will be added at an offset between existing hooks; also, a 1”x2” piece of wood will be added to provide a better/stronger mounting surface for hooks. e) The vanity mirror in the women’s room, closest to the entryway will be removed and used in the new Family/ADA changing room.
  2. Maintenance, in house, will add 9 cubbies to women’s/ Men’s changing rooms.Hire a professional cleaner once weekly to give rooms a thorough cleaning to prevent mold. A small shatter proof mirror to be installed over the women’s sink.
  3. Family Changing Room. Establish a separate Family Room/ ADA structure in pool complex, to allow mixed gender families or persons requiring ADA access to prepare for and complete pool activities that would otherwise be performed in the men’s or women’s changing rooms. This structure would be accessed from the pool deck in the general vicinity of the picnic area. Structure size would be up to 135 sq. ft. Inside ADA compatible components include: Lockable entry and egress doorway; tile floor (match tile in existing men’s and women’s changing rooms; shower; toilet; sink/vanity/mirror; changing platform for infants and adults; benches, cubbies and hooks; appropriate ventilation and lighting (suggestion of Tube sky lights and glass cube block windows for lighting); connectivity to existing plumbing and effluent disposal infrastructure. Outside walls to match the existing walls in composition and color. Motion: F&G Committee recommends Exhibit A Family/ ADA Changing room floor plan and location by the Kiddy pool family picnic area. Unanimously approved. Plan would have additional cost of a hot water on demand small unit and a water pressure pump.
  4. Shade Structures. Through Exerplay Inc-manufacturer: Shade Systems. $30-$40K cost. Project will be completed before the beginning of the 2020 pool season. Exerplay, can use the existing footers but will add 1 ft. deep epoxy anchors. Nolan would like to get confirmation on support using this system. System would be strong up to 90 mph winds; UV stabilizers at 94%; Fire retardant and weather fastness (7-8 Blue Wool Scale-fading, 8 best) and tear resistant (4-5 grey scale test-weathering, 5 the best). Shade factor of Aquatic Blue color 88%. Warrantee; 20 year for posts and supports; 10 year on fabric sails and 5 year for connectors. Motion: F&G Committee recommends to adapt Pool Side Shade Structures as certified in catalog and in design sheets. Unanimously approved.

Committee Comments:

  1. Jessica will add to the Pool rules and regulations at recommendation on water conservation at the pool. Discussion on adding shower timers to encourage efficient, quick showers. Will explore if they can be retro fitted to existing system.Discussion on adding an inside pool decorative wall mural.

Adjournment: 11;45pm.

Next Meeting: F&G Wednesday December 4, 2019 at 10 am.