Agenda- Facilities and Grounds Committee

Facilities and Grounds Committee

June 5, 2019

10 AM ECIA Railroad Building


Call to Order and Attendance

Approval of Agenda

Approval of  May 1, 2019 Meeting Minutes

Public Forum

GM/PM Staus Updates

  • Introductions of New Staff (Ashley Springer and Mike Rogers)
  • Disposition of Open Problem Tickets
  • Pool Rehabilitation
  • Staffing for Pool Season
  • Preparing for Pool Season
  • 2019 Major Maintenance Activities, R&R and New Capital Projects
  • Developing New ECIA Web Site
  • Security Camera Acquisition/Installation
  • Other Update Items

Board Liaison Update

  • Feedback from May Board Meeting
  • Current Spending and Cash Mgt. Challenges
  • Board Liaison to Gov’t Contacts and Plans
  • Board Training
  • Other

Old Business

  • Status Reports from “New Project” “Owners” on How Coming; What Help Needed
    • Pickleball Facility - Nolan
    • Av. De Compadres Hike-Bike - Nolan
    • Improve CC Outside Lighting - Fred
    • Using Baseball/Soccer Field For Other Activities Outside of Baseball Season - Mike
    • Expansion of Pool Deck and Creation of “Rec Room” - Kanah and Martha
    • Landscaping Improvements - Karen
  • Determining Usage of Our Amenities

New Business

  • Discussion re 2020 R&R Items
  • ECIA Recycling Bin
  • ECIA Community Center’s rodent problem


Committee Comments and Adjournment

Next meeting:  July 10 at 10 AM