Agenda- Facilities and Grounds Committee

F&G Meeting Agenda

Wednesday, July 10, 2019

10 AM, RR Building

Call to Order and Attendance

Approval of Agenda

Approval of  June 5, 2019 Meeting Minutes

Public Forum

GM/PM Staus Updates

  • Disposition of Open Problem Tickets
  • Vandalism at Pool and Other Locations
  • Pool Rehabilitation
  • Preparing for Pool Season
  • 2019 Major Maintenance Activities, R&R and New Capital Projects
  • Developing New ECIA Web Site
  • Security Camera Acquisition/Installation
  • Other Update Items

Board Liaison Update

  • Feedback from June Board Meeting
  • Current Spending and Cash Mgt. Challenges
  • Meetings with County Reps

Old Business

  • Status Reports from “New Project” “Owners” on How Coming; What Help Needed
    • Pickleball Facility - Nolan
    • Hike-Bike Improvements - Lee
    • Improve CC Outside Lighting and ECIA Security- Nolan for Fred
    • Expansion of Pool Deck and Creation of “Rec Room” - Kanah and Martha
    • Landscaping - Karen
  • Review of Prelim. 2020 R&R Budget Items
  • Rodent Problem around CC

New Business

  • F&G Rep on Pool Rehab, Phase II
  • Committee input for ECIA Board retreat

Committee Comments and Adjournment

Next meeting:  Aug. 7  at 10 AM