Agenda- Facilities and Grounds Committee

Facilities and Grounds Committee Meeting Agenda
Wednesday, June 6, 2018
3PM ECIA Boardroom


Call to Order and Attendance

Approval of Agenda

Formal Approval of  May 2, 2018 Meeting Minutes

Public Forum

GM Update

  • Open Problem Tickets
  • Pool Opening
  • Pool Tree Stump Cutting and Backwash Evaluation
  • Relocation - Dog Park Entrance
  • Critter Elimination
  • R&R 2018 Project Status
  • Other Update Items

Board Liaison Update

Sub-Committee and Other Updates

  • Pool
  • Dog Park
  • Landscape
  • Hike-Bike Paths
  • Dirt Road Apron Extensions
  • Multi-purpose Field
  • Environmental Chemicals Policy

Old Business

  • Depot Building Flooring
  • Depot Building Lighting
  • Introducing Pickle Ball in Eldorado
  • 5 Year Planning

New Business

  • 2019-20 R&R Planning
  • Preventive Maintenance vs .Replacement

Committee Comments


Next Meeting   July 11, 2018 at 3 PM, Classroom




Special Meeting with the Facilities & Grounds committee and the Finance Committee

  1. Discussion of future years R&R (2019-20) with a look at moving projects forward or back as needed.
  2.  Discussion of projected capital expenditures over future years.
  3. Discussion of financing what is identified as needed projects.