Agenda- Facilities and Grounds Committee

PROPOSED Facilities and Grounds Committee Meeting Agenda        

Wednesday,  Dec. 5, 2018

3PM ECIA Classroom

Call to Order and Attendance

Consent Items

  • Approval of Agenda
  • Approval of Nov 7, 2018 Meeting Minutes

Public Forum

GM/PM Updates

  • Status of Open Problem Tickets as of Nov 27
  • Vision/Scope Statement for Pool Rehabilitation
  • Staffing – 3rd Maintenance Position
  • Status of Plan for Replacing Dog Park Shade Structures
  • Status of Installation of CC Swing Set Contained Ground Cover Structure , Spreading More Mulch at the 3 Playground Units, and Effecting Recommended Repairs To Equipment
  • Status of Planning for Managing Maintenance Requirements
  • Other Update Items

Board Liaison Update

  • 2019 Budget
  • HOAMCO Status Update
  • Status of Pool and Dog Park Ad Hoc Committee Terminations
  • Other

Old Business

  • Set Date/Time for Town Hall in January and Determine Scope
  • Developing a 2019 Activity Plan for Our Amenities
  • Requirements for Additional Pool Shade Structures

Discussion of  Prepared Status Reports

  • Pool and Related Infrastructure Rehabilitation, Including Backwash and Utility Location Mapping
  • Dog Park
  • Security Cameras
  • Pickleball Demo Project
  • Other

New Business

  • Change Day of Week, Week of Month and Time of Day for Meetings in 2019
  • Initial Review of R&R List of Scheduled 2020 Asset Replacements

Committee Comments and Adjournment

Next meeting:  January __  at  __  PM