Agenda- Facilities and Grounds Committee

  Facilities & Grounds Agenda_

  Wednesday July 6, 2016 at 4 PM in the Conference Room



Call to Order


1. Public Comments: 

2. Approve Agenda                                                                                

3. Approval of June 8 Minutes


4. GM Update:

                          Rental House-Final Disposition & Committee Recommendation                            

                          Pool Status

                          County Trails meeting

                          Hike Bike seal coating.

5. ECIA Board Representative Update:


6. Old Business:



7. New Business:                                                         

                - Playground equipment comments from Board Member.

                 -Hike Bike Trails status

                 -Weeds growing through a portion of the new Monte Alto Trail between Nido                              and Monte Alto Loop.

                - Prairie Dogs in Ball field and Pocket Gophers in the Entry Island area.

                -Machines that mow the bike path?

                -Planter replacement near breezeway.



8. Committee Comments:


9. Next Meeting:   August 3 at 4PM 


10. Adjourn