Agenda- Facilities and Grounds Committee


Jan 10, 2019


  • Staffing
    • Moderator
    • One volunteer scribe for easel chart
    • One volunteer scribe for wall charts
    • Timekeeper
    • Parliamentarian (keeps track of order in which hands are raised)
  • Lines of Communication
    • All comments directed toward moderator
    • No debates or lengthy discussions - - comments can be in form of questions or opinions, not open discussion or debate
    • People speak in order in which hands are raised - - only one person speaks at a time
    • Moderator can stop meeting if side conversations become disruptive
    • Any person expressing an opinion or offering a suggestion should give reason


  • Introductory Comments by Moderator 10 min
    • Purpose of Meeting - To Solicit Input from Residents
      (F&G Members Requested to Only Ask Questions of
      Other Residents if Needing Clarification)
    • Brief Description of F&G Committee
      • Represents Residents
      • Provides a form of Oversight in Mgt of Facilities
        and Grounds
      • Open Forum at each Monthly Meeting
    • Desired New Amenities Have Their Own Process -
      Each Treated Financially as New Capital Requests
    • Lines of Communication to be followed
    • Reminder of need for civility
      Brief Review of Existing Amenities 10 min
    • Plans for the Pool Rehab 15 min
  • Solicit Feedback on Existing Amenities 25 min
  • Solicit Ideas for New Amenities for Next 5 - 10 Years 25 min
  • Wrap Up….Next Steps 5 min