Agenda- Finance Committee

Proposed Agenda Rev A

Finance Committee Meeting Tuesday, April 13, 2021

9:30 AM Electronic Zoom Format


Distributions: Previous Minutes, Financial Reports, Agenda

Any ECIA member wishing a copy of distributions please contact

  1. 1.   Public Comment
  1. 2.   Adoption/Modification of Agenda


  1. 3.   Approval of Minutes

Mar. 9, 2021 Regular Meeting


  1. 4. Financial Reports—15 minutes TOTAL for Committee questions prior to meeting
  • Review of March, 2021, Income and Bank Statements
  • Review of Accounts Receivable and Collection Activities


  1. 5.   General Manager’s Report
  • Changes to near-term Replacement/Repair items
  • Preparations to maintain 30-yr R&R report and Financial Model
  • Report on tentative plan to maintain a master list of assets in Asset Panda.
  • Use Asset Panda to update information in the Association Reserves annual report.
  • Use Association Reserves software to produce 30-yr analysis of expenditures.
  • Use AR report to feed the 30-yr financial model Excel spreadsheet.
  • Plan for automating the information transfers as much as possible.
  • Mike and Kristen report on progress.
  • Transfer of ECIA property near stables to EAWSD--update
  • Security Camera Installations
  • County Hike/Bike Path funding--update
  • Other Committees, including Facilities & Grounds
  1. 6.   Board Liaison’s Report
  • Insurance Task Group
  • Other Board information
  1. 7. Office Procedures Review plan and schedule


  1. 8. Asset Panda--Report


  1. 9. Other Business


  1. 10. Next Meeting

            May 11, 2020


  1. 11. Adjourn