Agenda- Finance Committee


Preliminary Agenda – Rev C

Finance Committee Meeting Tuesday, June 9, 2020

9:30 AM Electronic Zoom Format

Distributions: Previous Minutes, Financial Reports, Agenda, Dog/Tennis/Basketball Security CPR, Revised Procurement Policy, Committee Budget Requests for 2021, Revised Replacement Reserve

Any ECIA member wishing a copy of distributions contact

  1. Public Comment
  • Committee Chair budget requests
  1. Adoption/Modification of Agenda
  1. Approval of Minutes

May 12, 2020

  1. General Manager’s Report
  • Pool Budget and Schedule status
    • Pool ready for use?
    • Any additional expenditures for 2020?
  • Parking lot lighting Budget and Schedule status
  • Inspection of near-term Replacement/Repair items
  • Pool Water Softener installation
  • Transfer of ECIA property near stables to EAWSD
  • Response to late notices for assessments
  • Office Procedures development
  • CAI Training completion
  • Hike/Bike 2020
  • Basketball Resurface
  • Second Assessment Notice status
  • Generic e-mail addresses for tasks such as web postings
  • 2021 Budget Development
  1. Board Liaison’s Report
  • Late penalties and collection referrals
  • Review process for HOA Management proposals
  • Board actions on Finance Committee recommended motions from 5/12
    • Motion 1 Recommend Board approval of $2,000 for Stables Arroyo Field
  1. Financial Reports—15 minutes TOTAL for Committee questions prior to meeting
  • Review of May 2020 Balance, Income and Bank Statements
  • Review of Accounts Receivable and Collection Activities
  • Key Performance Indicators
  1. Revised Procurement Policy
  1. Security Camera Capital Project Request
  1. Replacement Reserve Review
  • Correction of translation to Year
  • Combination of all items
  • Addition of CC Parking Lot Paving
  • Review of Pool items
  • Incorporation of Association Review report
  • Incorporation of Facilities Manager Review
  • Incorporation of Stable Committee Review
  • Future update process
  • Special Meeting?
  1. Committee Budget Requests--Information
  1. Other Business
  1. Next Meeting

            Special Meeting on Replacement Reserve June 16, 10:30 AM?

July 14, 9:30 AM, Regular Finance Committee Meeting

  1. Adjourn
  1. Questions deferred to end

            Tutorial discussion of Replacement Reserve analysis spreadsheet