Agenda- Finance Committee

Preliminary Agenda Finance Committee Meeting Monday 5/16/16

9:30 AM Conference Room


1. Public Comment


2. Modifications/Adoption of Agenda


3. Approval of Minutes from previous meetings:



4. General Manager’s Report

Security Camera Installation Status

Landscaping Capital 2016 phase

Replacement Reserve Study Status

Rental House Status

Other Info from GM


5. Treasurer/Board Liason Report

            Staff Transition

            Board Appointments


6. Financial Reports

            Correction of Dec 2015 Financial Report

            Finalization of 2015 Audit

            Plans for 2016 Reports Updates


7. Replacement Reserve Preliminary Update using corrected Dec 2015 Financials


8. Procedure for Overdue Accounts—Draft Discussion postponed from 2/16

            Report on Member with Collection problems from Annual Meeting


9. Annual Calendar Check

January—Old Business

Procurement Procedure Review from GM


                        Replacement Reserve Preliminary Update


                        Replacement Reserve Ongoing Update


                        Election of Committee Officers

                        Replacement Reserve Final Review

                        Board Financial Training Contents



10. Next Meeting

Mon. June 13, 9:30 AM Regular Finance Committee Meeting--9:30 AM


11. Adjourn

If you wish to receive e-mails on Finance Committee topics, including draft documents being reviewed, please let me know at  On the other hand, if you are tired of receiving them, please let me know also.