Agenda- Information Committee

Agenda July 12, 2021

Information Committee

Zoom 7 PM

Call to Order



Approval of Agenda

Approval of Minutes



Report from Board

   Web site status      

Old Business

            Comments on Vistas from last few months

            Status  50 years publication and photos

            Board submission for July


New Business

            New Board of Directors and information flow

            Board meeting this month  July 20

            Review ‘What we have’ for August 2021

                     ECIA changes w NM open

                     Last minute changes for pool or swim lessons

                     Have weed article

                     Community Garden

                     CoffeeShop- ? rewrite

                      Have fraud articles-to be review by Debra Denker

                      July 4 event report and pictures

            Printing schedule and Board meeting third Tuesday of month

            Recommendations for budget for 2022

                 Framing old photos and how many

                 Budget for web

            Event listing – recommendation for how to produce and continue

            Interview by Lee Chiacos






            Call for new members


Comments from public