Agenda- Information Committee

Agenda for the Information Committee — September 26, 2017

  1. Check in…

(AND…Welcome Courteney Handy as new ECIA Community Liaison. Also welcome Ann McDonald as new prospective member)

  1. Additions to Agenda?


  1. Message from the Board

This will come from VP Antone Forneris

  1. Review of last month’s minutes
  1. Website review
  1. Review of October’s Vistas
  1. Makeup of November Vistas
  2. Pesticide Ad Hoc Committee Announcement
  1. Discussions re:
  2. Courteney’s new role as Community Liaison in regards to working with Info Committee. She goes full-time in December and will be working with Carol in laying out November’s Vistas. Courteney should be up to speed to take over Carol’s editorial and layout roles with December’s Vistas.


  1. Jack Arnold is coming will be in town in October. We believe he’s planning to attend October’s Info Committee meeting. He’s aware of our plans to update our website and has offered to help with the requirements process. He’s suggesting we move the site to a WordPress platform.


  1. We need to get the Vistas QuarkXpress template as well as files for the last few months, and template and last few years of files for Annual Report. (Carol)
  1. What version of QuarkXpress do we now use? (Carol)
  1. Status of converting Quark to Pages template of Vistas and Annual Report. (Carol) Need to finalize the technology ASAP. There is not much cost difference ($800 – 900) range between buying QuarkXpress or buying a Mac to run Pages. Jody wishes to meet with Isabel and Courteney later this week to discuss what will be best for us going forward.


  1. Adjourn