Agenda- Information Committee



23 May 2016       

1. Standing items

  1. CALL TO ORDER: 7 PM, Board Room
  2. Review/Approve Agenda
  3. Review action items in minutes of the May Meeting
  4. Communications from the Board to the Committee

2. Very Old Business

b.  Marquee sign near intersection of Avenida Eldorado and Rt. 285 (status)

c. Light for marquee sign at Agora. (status)

d. Historical monument at Railroad building. (status)

e. Directional (You are here.) sign at entrance to Community Center and improved signage throughout the compound.  (status)

4. Old Business:  

  1. Old items left on Agora marquee.
  2. Committee report on suggestion that an item be added to the existing Newcomer’s document.
  3. Suggested addition to the online welcome letter.

“Welcome to Eldorado. We have a Homeowner’s Association. The Eldorado Community Improvement Association, the ECIA.  It is special, different, unlike any you may have dealt with before. In large measure it works and works well because of the dedication of a small, hardworking group of volunteers. Our annual assessments are much lower than those of any other homeowner’s association in New Mexico and probably in the US, when you consider the number and quality of the amenities that are available to our membership.

If you are interested in challenging, interesting volunteer work that benefits everybody who lives here, these are our committees (Provide contact information )and the people you should call to learn more about how you can maintain the value of your property, and that of our many amenities and in the process, keep our community clean, safe and beautiful.

We pride ourselves on how we look and how we keep our properties. To keep them looking good, we each have rights, duties and responsibilities to our neighbors in the Association regarding how we care for our homes here whether we live in them or not, whether we are owners or renters. Following are some important, need-to-know that include a summary of the Covenants and Guidelines.

Below please see a listing of ECIA staff to call to do to call if you have a problem, a complaint.  Also please see the list of our elected Board members who volunteer long hours to serve you, your neighbors and our community.  Please read and make careful note of what to do and whom to call if you want to change, upgrade or improve your home and/or the grounds on which that home sits. Reading these requirements now may save you problems and difficulties in the future.

5. New Business

Dividing up the website for monthly member review

4.  ECIA Website Review

5. Composition of next edition of Vistas

6. Summary of writing assignments, action items for committee members and staff.


Date of next meeting: 27 June, 2016