Agenda- Information Committee

Agenda Nov 11, 2019

Information Committee

Conference Room 7 PM

Call to Order

   Determination of who will do minutes

Attendees: Committee Members, guests

Approval of Agenda

Approval of Minutes

 Confirm e-mail vote of 9-9-2019 minutes, notes from 10-14-2019


Report from Board

       Status of Web implementation company

       Status of hiring someone to start work on data

Old Business

            Resident questionnaire about use of web site

            Web site forum

Declare Style Guide official and ask to post

            Vistas for November-review


New Business

            Do we want to amend charter-how long to be committee member

            Review possible Vistas January-see below

            Review ‘What we have’ for Dec.

Review of Board communications - assessment letters & other communications

            Call for new members

            New ECIA logo

            Survey Monkey for Web survey-who can do


            January – possible contents

                   One from election committee

                   Bylaws and schedule and posting

                   Report on Dec. budget meeting

                   Board budget and new year message

                   Other Board articles

                   Board on paying assessments?

                   Lifeguards needed?

                   Snow removal?

                   Web questionnaire- urge filling in?


                    School dragon pic

                    Fire & Rescue

                    Board article on democracy and corporation


                    285 recycles?

                    Flora Fauna?






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