Agenda- Information Committee

Agenda September 9, 2019

Information Committee

Call to Order

   Determination of who will do minutes

Attendees: Committee Members, guests

Approval of Agenda

Approval of Minutes


Report from Board

       Status of Web implementation company and Board interviews

       Status of personnel to do design and layout of web

Report from Office

     Typing and changes to Welcome Packet


Old Business

            Welcome Packet-see above

            Vistas for September-review


                           Last minute interference by Board

             Printing & timing Vistas

            Review articles received for October Vistas


New Business

           Accept resignation DiAna Gutierrez

            Distribution and edits of first draft Vistas

                   Julie asked that I send to the following: Julie, David, Anna, yourself, and the two Board liaisons. I felt this past issue could have benefitted from a first draft being sent to ALL members of the IC in addition to those aforementioned. It would have been great to include Bill's suggestions for slight rewording of headlines before the second draft being sent to article authors at the same time it was sent to IC members, their first look. At that point I think it would have been a surprise to the authors to see the headlines on their articles revised in print after we had sent them the proof. Even though the IC sees the Word doc before it is sent to me, I think things become more evident in layout form. 

            Review Processes, timelines and guidelines for efficient production of the Vistas, 

                        And associated costs

            Review Budget for 2020

            Articles received from non-residents

            Review articles for November Vistas

            Review Style Guide

            Status on Vistas layout and production

            Call for new members

            Info Committee budget for 2020





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