Agenda- Roads Committee

ECIA Road Committee

Meeting Agenda


5:30 – 6:45 PM 

ZOOM Meeting.

  1. Call to Order
  1. Introductions

Self-introductions of RC members, liaisons, and support staff.

  1. Approval of Minutes

Approval of August 06, 2020 meeting minutes.

  1. Chair Comments
    • Welcome to meeting.
  1. ECIA Board Liaison Report
    • Mel D’Amore.
  1. Transportation Advisory Council Update
    • Amelia Adair / Joseph Gutierrez.
  1. Old Business/Open Action Items.
    • Recent road chip sealing projects and progress.
      • Estambre Road
    • Paving Cerrado Loop. Update.  The monies have been committed.  Work should be begin in late September.
    • Intergovernmental Capital Improvement Program (ICIP)
      • Joseph Gutierrez
      • Assessment process
        • Prior method. PASER field inspections.
        • Current methods
          • County. New method with laser scanners.
          • RC. Method includes: Google Earth. Resident input. Field confirmation.
        • Methods of cost estimation
          • Governmental agencies: Negotiated rates.
          • Typical non-governmental method: RSMeans / Spreadsheets
        • Traffic issues on Juego Road. Prior traffic counts by SFCPW.  New traffic counts (since installation of chip seal over RAP) for comparative analysis.
  1. New Business
    • Discussion about PASER inspection process and conclusions. RC review of PASER inspection manual and applicability to Eldorado roads.  Issues to be investigated.
      • What is a PASER inspection? History, methodology, effectiveness of conclusions to convey conditions of roads.
      • Prior PASER inspections of roads of Eldorado. Summary, trends, influence of weather.
      • Google Earth inspections of the roads of Eldorado.
      • Comparative ranking between PASER and Google Earth methods.
      • Develop teams to utilize and analyze approach.
      • Conduct field/desk analyses. Prepare rankings.
    • Other ECIA committees
      • Funding for survey equipment. (Amelia)
    • HOAMCO (Mike Rogers)
  1. Public Comment. 2 minutes per person. 
    • The purpose and process of public comment, here in committee, is to provide direct communication with the RC about physical road issues in your immediate neighborhood. Remember, the RC is an advisory group that presents information to ECIA Board for their action on specific topics.  We are here, that is the RC, to help formulate the particulars of your issue(s) with additional detail from us, based on our knowledge of roads and road construction, to make the best presentation and argument for the Board, and ultimately to the SF County Public Works.
    • Process:
    • State your name, address, and other contact information.
    • Explain the issues related to the road where you reside.
    • Provide clarification details, i.e., prior communication with either ECIA Board members, County officials, or elected representatives.
    • Present your ideas for potential solutions.
  1. Committee Round Robin
  1. Next Meeting
    • Next meeting: October 07, 2020.