Agenda- Roads Committee

ECIA Road Committee

Meeting Agenda

Thursday June 8, 2017 3:00 – 5:00 PM

ECIA Community Center – Railroad Building

  1. Call to Order
  2. Introductions
  3. Public Comments – Comments/questions from the public involving agenda topics will be addressed during the topic discussion. 
  4. Modification/Adoption of Agenda
  5. Approval of Minutes from March 20th Meeting
  6. Chair Comments
  7. ECIA Board Liaison Report
  8. Old Business/Open Action Items
  9. New Business
    1. Q&A with Robert Martinez, Deputy Director, Public Works Department, Santa Fe County
      1. Asphalt Millings Project
        1. Currently dirt/base course roadways are graded when pot holes & wash board conditions exist. Can the millings be regraded or must they be first scarified, graded and compacted which is something the County does not perform on base course roads.  How will the County address these issues?
        2. Asphalt millings tend to be more porous and in wet/rain/snow conditions will tend to pot hole more than dirt/base course roads. Will it be the County's policy to fill in the pot holes with 'cold patch'?   This may require additional effort and does the County have the staff and resources to perform this? 
        3. What is the cost of maintenance of a road with asphalt millings surface versus a dirt/base course road.
        4. Could some of the millings be used to improve the aprons on the transitions from the paved road to the dirt roads (e.g. Enebro Rd at Ave Vista Grande) that are particularly prone to potholes and rutting?
        5. Could the millings be used on the unpaved stretch of the multi-use path running along Ave de Compadres?
        6. Concerns have been expressed about the depth of the bar ditches along Carlitos and Estambre roads and that the roads appear narrower since the application of the millings, and that this may adversely impact driver and pedestrian safety.  Please address these concerns and the overall work that is being done to each road before the millings are applied.
        7. Please address the potential environmental impacts to air and water quality from the millings. 
      2. Multi-use Paths and “walkability”
        1. Is there a process for determining when a multi-use path will be built along a paved road?  Is there formula or set of criteria used?  Do you have any information on the history of the multi-use paths in Eldorado in terms of location of the current path? 
        2. When a road is upgraded or improved, how is pedestrian safety taken into consideration?
  • Update on Ave Amistad/Ave Buena Ventura Chip Sealing Project
  1. Spring ECIA Road Committee Inspection Results
  1. Committee Round Robin
  2. Next Meeting