Agenda- Roads Committee

ECIA Road Committee
Meeting Agenda
Monday June 20, 2016
3:00 - 5:00 PM
ECIA Community Center

1. Call to Order
2. Introductions
3. Public Comments
4. Approval of Minutes from April 11 Meeting
5. Q &A with Mr. Robert Martinez, Deputy Public Works Director, Santa Fe County
• Where does the funding for the County Road Maintenance come from (e.g. Property
taxes, GRT, gas tax?)
• What are the primary sources of road improvement funds?
• What is the formula used by SF County in determining maintenance budgets for their
maintenance divisions? Further is the budget based upon types of roads i.e. dirt, base
course, county roads, state roads, interstate roads?
• What is the ongoing maintenance cost per mile for each of the road surfaces here in
Eldorado, both yearly and that which must take place at longer intervals?
• It appears that dirt roads hold up to washboard conditions better than base course,
although dirt roads tend to be muddy with ruts during snow melt or heavy rains. The
rutting also appears to be isolated to low areas with poor drainage. Is it possible for
additional dirt to be added to the low areas, graded & compacted to improve them? Has
the Division explored the idea of better drainage/ditches in the low areas?
• The wash boarding of the base course roads seems to be an issue of traffic speed and
the grading of them only fills in the low spots with crushed stone. Has the Division
explored scarifying, watering & compacting to eliminate/reduce the wash boarding? Has
the Division explored the use of a different base course gradation, one with a higher fine
content to help with self-compaction?
• What would be necessary to restore our gravel roads to their original condition?
• What maintenance projects over and above routine grading are scheduled for Eldorado
roads this summer?
• Is the County currently testing or considering any alternative road hardening products?
Road Improvements
• What Eldorado Road projects are in the current Infrastructure and Capital Improvement
Plan (ICIP)?
• Overview of the ICIP process
• Discussion of Eldorado road improvement priorities
o Balsa Road survey results
• Timeline for chip sealing of Ave Amistad & Ave Buena Ventura
6. Adjournment