Agenda- Roads Committee

ECIA Road Committee

Meeting Agenda

Monday June 25, 2018

3:00 – 5:00

ECIA Community Center Railroad Building

  1.  Call to Order
  2.  Introductions
  3.  Modification/Adoption of Agenda
  4.  Approval of April 9, 2018 Meeting Minutes
  5.  Chair Comments
  6.  ECIA Board Liaison Report
  7.  Transportation Advisory Council Update
  8.  Old Business/Open Action Items
  9.  Committee Charter Update
  10.  Wildflower Conservation Zone Subcommittee
  11.  April Road Inspection Results
  12.  Prospective Committee Members
  13.  New Business
  14.  Q & A with Mr. Robert Martinez, Deputy Director, Public Works Department, Santa Fe County
  15.  Open Space and Trails
  16.  Schedule for 2018 PASER Evaluation of Hike/Bike Path
  17.  Allocation of 2018 Capital Outlay grant ($100K) for Hike/Bike Path
  18.  When & Where?
  19.  Replacement of Chusco to Buena Ventura?
  20.  Apron Paving Project Update – Estimated cost of materials to complete priority 3 & 4
  21.  If the ECIA were to construct an Eldorado "entrance" sign on Av Eldorado near 285, where might it


  1.  What "issues" if any, regarding the right-of-way, might you foresee in extending the Av Eldorado

hike-bike path to the stables, or even to 285?

  1.  How much, if any, of the work and/or cost of re-engineering and paving the gravel section of the

hike/bike path along Ave de Compadres from Herrada Road to Ave. Vista Grande can the County

fund? Or will it all be on the ECIA with or without help from the legislature?

  1.  Rail Trail weed eradication
  2.  Roads
  3.  RAP Project Update
  4.  County’s assessment of RAP surface performance versus base course and other dirt road surfaces
  5.  Planned road maintenance projects for the remainder of 2018
  6. Schedule for Balsa Road paving project
  7.  Shoulder mowing schedule
  8. Public Comments – Up to a total of 30 minutes will be allocated for the public comment period. The time

allocation per person will be determined after the number of commenters is established, not to exceed 5

minutes per commenter. Only one comment period will be allowed per person.


  1.  Committee Round Robin
  2.  Next Meeting