Agenda- Stables Committee

DATE & TIME: Tuesday, March 19, 2019 7:00 pm – 8:30 pm
LOCATION: ECIA Community Center, Classroom

7:00 pm   Call to Order – Chair Amelia Adair

 Approve Agenda

 February Minutes (Previously approved via e-mail)

7:00 pm  “Stable Story”: Volunteer Recognition Opportunity

7:05 pm   Open Forum – Barn Owners/Sharers

7:10 pm   Chair Report -- Written

7:10 pm    ECIA Report – ECIA Staff Member or ESC Board Liaison
      Stable Financial Reports
      Water System replacement status
      Enforcement status
      Questions from Barn Owners/Sharers

7:25 pm  Maintenance and Repair Issues – Amelia Adair
    Proposed changes to Stable Maintenance Schedule – arena changes
    Signs – Mike Ault & Elsa Kloess

7:35 pm Old Business   Stable Amenity Rules – Amelia Adair
    o Feedback from Barn Owners/Sharers
    o Proposed Fine Schedule next steps

ACTION: ESC vote on whether to recommend the Board adopt the proposed, updated Eldorado Stable Amenity Rules
     Emergency Communication -- DialMyCalls test after Roster Update – Mike Ault
     Amenity upgrades for the Stables: next steps – Gretel Underwood
                o Trail course, jumps, bridle path, turnout options, benches, etc.

8:05 pm New Business
    Strategic Planning Priorities next steps: -- Amelia Adair
                 o Access to the Eldorado Preserve
                 o Kid-Friendly Activities
     Manure for Composting Outreach – Karla Lauritsen
     Annual Calendar & Event Planning – Amelia Adair
     Call for new Eldorado Stable Committee Member candidates
     Action Item List

8:30 pm Adjourn

  February 2019 ESC Minutes
 Draft Eldorado Stable Amenity Rules amended 3/6/19
 ESC Annual Calendar