Agenda- Stables Committee




DATE & TIME: Wednesday, August 22, 2018 7:00 pm – 8:00 pm

LOCATION:        ECIA Community Center, Conference Room

Estimated Time


7:00 pm

Call to Order Chair Amelia Adair

·        Approve Agenda

·        June Minutes (Approved via e-mail)

7:00 pm

Stable Story”: Volunteer Recognition Opportunity

7:05 pm

Open Forum Barn Owners

7:10 pm

Chair Report Amelia Adair

·        Written Report: Action Item Recap, Maintenance Status, Community Day Planning, Interim GM meeting report, etc.

7:10 pm

ECIA ReportDavid McDonald, Board Chair and ESC Liaison

·        Stable Financial Reports

·        Water Billing Audit results

·        Questions from Barn Owners

7:15 pm

Budget and Financial Issues

·        Review and approve Stable Amenity Budget Proposal to be sent to the Board

·        Discussion of proposed changes to the Stable Amenity Funding Guidelines

7:25 pm

Old Business

·        Draft Stable Committee Charter – Final revisions – Amelia Adair

·        Horse Burial proposal – Luci Wienczkowski

·        Electric gate status – Luci Wienczkowski

·        Stable Website and Communications – Mike Ault

7:40 pm

New Business

·        Stable Inspection – Non-compliant Barn Owners, Process

·        Nominations for Stable Committee

·        Schedule Next Meeting

·        Action Item List

8:00 pm

Adjourn Business Meeting

Working Session on Stable Rule Revisions


  • June ESC Minutes
  • Draft 2019 Stable Amenity Budget Proposal
  • Draft Eldorado Stable Committee Charter, 8/20/18 version