Minutes - Architecture Committee

Eldorado Community Improvement Association, Inc.
Architectural Committee Meeting Minutes of  October 12th,    2021 DRAFT 1
The bi-monthly meeting of the ECIA Architecture Committee was held on  October 28th,  2021, at 3 PM via a Zoom electronic meeting. . 
CALL TO ORDER:    The meeting was called to order at 3:01 PM.
Attending the meeting were members:  John McDermon,  Casey Cronin and  Mark Hiatt. 
James Caruso was presnt as  Board Liaison as well Mark Young as Staff  representative     A quorum was established for this meeting.  
1. Mark Young announced that the meeting was being recorded.  
There were 4 residents attending the meeting.
Consent Agenda Approvals:
UBL#                Address                     Resident:                       Project                               Comments 
21822              20 Alondra Rd.          Michael McBride             New Tan Roof                         Compliant color 
14503              5 Jornada Loop         Tom Carroll                    Re-stucco                               Compliant Color    
33119              1 Pino Place            Charles Johnson           New Tan Metal Roof              Compliant Color 
Old Business:  
1.  UBL# 1-18-14, Steve Strever and John Skahill,  6 Azul way, with plans for the   Renovation  of existing garage and adding a new garage.   These plans were approved with the stipulation that the lighting shall be downward shielded and stucco color shall match home.   
New Business 
2.  UBL# 1-32-08, Twinkle and Mike  Trujillo. Large Accessory structure with a Variance request for large accessory structure more than 15 feet from home. The Committee voted to recommend approval of your variance request to allow for a large accessory structure to be located more than 15 feet from the home.  This recommendation is being made with the stipulation that the resident shall add a 6 foot tall cedar slat fence (matching the current fence on the lot) from the new structures’ southwest corner westward to the existing fence by the shed.   The justification for this variance recommendation is as follows:
• There are that existing drainage issues on the lot.
• The 35 feet of space is needed to allow the RV to be maneuvered into the existing RV storage area.
• There is an existing gas line that must be avoided.  Additional stipulations attached to this recommendation are that the stringers shall be on the inside (north side) of the fence, the stucco color shall match the homes stucco color and any exterior lighting shall be downward shielded.   
3.  UBL#3-38-12, David Pelligrini. 17 Chusco Road, with plans for  a new portal. These plans were approved with no stipulations. 
4.  UBL#  3-27-05, Laurance Cohen, 3 Conchas Place with a revised variance request form. The Architectural Committee voted to not support this variance request to allow for your fence to remain with the stringers on the outside of the fence, but adding horizontal latillas (over the metal framing members) in the two areas of the fence with visibility to your neighbor.  They feel that there are other mitigation options that would be more in keeping with the intent of the covenants.  (One such option would be to add vertical latillas, and not horizontal, on those visible areas of the metal pipes.)   Additionally, they will not allow for the remaining 35 feet of fence that was approved, but not constructed, to be built with the stringers on the outside.  
5.  UBL# 3-08-01, Pamela Farnham, 24 Descanso Road, with plans for  adding green privacy netting over non-compliant fence.   The committee voted to table these plans due to the fact that they were unsure as to how the finished product would look.   They require either an actual sample or photo of the cut wire to make a decision as to whether the fence would then be in compliance.      
6. UBL# 3-07-08, Kristine Crowell and Susan Burden, 17 Descanso Road, with plans for a new Wood post and wire fence. These plans were approved with the stipulation that the applicant can build the fence as planned, but without the top  rollers.  The Committee requires that the applicant come back to the ECIA with an actual roller sample for further review by the Committee.   
Other Business: 
1.The committee requested updates on the status of the denied variance for the garage door at   3 Antigua place and Mark Young said that the homeowners were submitting samples of some materials to be used to bring the door into compliance…   
The meeting was adjourned at 5 PM  
Submitted By:
Mark Young, Staff Representative