Minutes - Architecture Committee

Eldorado Community Improvement Association, Inc.

Architectural Committee Meeting Minutes of November 26th, 2019 DRAFT 1



The bi-monthly meeting of the ECIA Architecture Committee was held on Tuesday November 26th 2019 at 7 PM at the Community Center.

CALL TO ORDER:    The meeting was called to order at 7:01 PM.


Attending the meeting were members:  Acting Chair, Steve Taratula, Casey Cronin, Larry Ward, Mark Hiatt, Board Liaison, Melicent D'Amore, and Staff Representative, Mark Young.   A quorum was established for this meeting. 


  1. 1. Mark Young announced that the meeting was being recorded.


There were 4 residents attending the meeting and one guest.

Consent Agenda Approvals:









     Nature of Project:                     Details:


        35        35116           Keith Ehlert            3 Caliente Place                                      Restucco                                   Complaint color




1.            1. UBL # 3-41-08. Patrick Delaney, 4 Juego Road, with a re-hearing of roof mount solar plan that was not properly warned.   With compliance and no concerns from neighbors, these plans were approved with no stipulations.





 New Business:





  1. 2. UBL# 3-17-16, Lisa Moroz, 6 Ortiz Lane. With plans for a ground based solar PV system. With no compliance issues, and good screening of the array to the neighbors, by existing vegetation on the lot, these plans were approved with no stipulations.
  1. UBL #3-36-03A , James Jones, 6 Luna Drive, with plans for a Low Profile Roof Mount Solar with no visibility over the parapets. With compliance and no concerns from neighbors, these plans were approved with no stipulations.
  1. UBL #10407, Rebecca Jeffs, 13 Encantado Road, with a variance request for a large wood post and wire dog fence that would exceed the maximum enclosure amount of 4000 sq. feet by 2978 Sq. Feet. The Committee agreed that this would not be contrary to the intent of the covenants, due to the low impact of such wire fences and the fact that it would be in trees and well hidden. The committee agreed to recommend approval for this variance with the stipulation that the applicant was to go to her two closest neighbors who could see the fence top get their approval of this project.  This variance will be heard by the ECIA Board at their December 19th meeting at 6 PM at the ECIA/

Other Business:

  1. The Board Liaison, Melicent, reported that there was no response yet from the county regarding the accessory dwelling issue. Mark will follow up on this matter.
  1. The Committee is still awaiting a letter from our Chair, Katherine, that we can send to the County regarding the ECIAs’ request to move the County side setback to 20 feet from 25 feet.
  1. Mark pointed out that the new home plans at 73 Condesa Road were approved due to the fact that the ECIA received the required revised plans that met our guideline requirements.
  1. Resident, Sheila Sullivan, discussed her work with the Dark Sky Task force to work towards the ECIA possibly becoming recognized by the IES/IDA as dark sky community. More to come on this issue next year, after a Vista article is published on Dark Skies.




There was no further business.

The meeting was adjourned at 8:25 PM 

Submitted By:

Mark Young, Staff Representative