Minutes - Architecture Committee

Eldorado Community Improvement Association, Inc.

Architectural Committee Meeting Minutes of December 4th, 2018 DRAFT 1



The bi-monthly meeting of the ECIA Architecture Committee was held on Tuesday, December 4th,    2018 at 7 PM at the Community Center.

CALL TO ORDER:    The meeting was called to order at 7:01 PM.


Attending the meeting were members:  Chair, Katherine Mortimer, Casey Cronin, Steve Taratula, Larry Ward and Jolene Petrowski.   Board Liaison, Bernardo Monserrat and Staff Representative, Mark Young were also in attendance.   A quorum was established for this meeting. 


  1. Mark Young announced that the meeting was being recorded.


There were 9 residents attending the meeting and two guests.

Consent Agenda Approvals:




Nature of Project:



6 Carlito Road

Exliz Ltd.


Complaint color bamboo 





  1. UBL# 3-19-05, Peter Riggs and Ellen Platas. 3 Moya Place, with revised plan # 4 for a Ground-Based Solar Array with no variance. After extensive conversations by the committee and concerned residents over the array’s siting, the Committee voted unanimously to the approving of the plans with the following stipulations: 
  2. -The applicant shall plant up to two trees to screen the norther array, instead of using a fence for screening as was planned.
  3. The applicant shall plant up to two trees and/or a fence for screening the southern array to hide the array from the applicant at 2 Moya Loop.  The applicant shall also move the southern array to the south to use the existing trees for better screening of the array to the neighbors at 2 Moya Place.
  4. The resident shall not implement the screening plans until after the arrays are installed and the Committee and applicant have a site visit to 3 Moya Place, with the affected neighbors so that a final screening plan can be agreed upon.


  1. UBL #1-49-28, Karen and David Murray, 62 Herrada Road, with plans for a portal on the south side of their home of complaint design with a tan rolled roof.  This structure is needed to prevent water from coming into the home.   These plans were approved with no stipulations


  1. UBL#1-46-11, Charles and Lori Stonecipher, 5 Redondo Court, with plans for Ramada of all wood construction. These plans were approved with the following stipulations:  a. Stringers shall be on the inside of the fence.
  1. UBL#3-16-33, Chris and Anna Philpot, 16 Monte Alto Road, with plans for a New Garage and enclosure of existing garage to living space. The new structure will also have a Ramada and will match the style of the existing home in style and color. This plan was approved with no following stipulations: a. The new garage must be either 1st built and functional or simultaneously built with the enclosure of the old garage, due to the fact that all homes must have, at all times, a functioning garage on the lot. b. Resident shall stake out the project and have the ECIA come out to verify the setbacks are respected before any work begins. c. All lighting shall be downward shielded.



  1. 5. UBL# 2-18-25. Robert Conrad, 14 Alondra Road, with plans for a  small accessory structure and coyote screening fence. The small accessory structure will be painted to match the color of the home.   These plans were approved with the following stipulations:   a. Resident shall place the stringers on the inside of the fence.   b. Resident shall add a screening fence or plantings between the two trees to the north where is visibility from neighbors to the shed, should the neighbor want that additional screening.  If it is a fence that is desire the applicant will be required to come back to the ECIA with plans for the fence but may add plantings for screening at their own discretion.
  1. UBL #1-28-34. Michael Compo, 14 Cerrado Loop, with plans for a coyote enclosure fence with a variance request to allow for the construction of the fence to encroach a maximum of 9 feet into the 20 foot side setback, due to the siting on the lot and the desire to save two trees and it would replace an existing fence that was on that side of the home, and built by previous owner without ECIA approval. Additionally the fact that the fence would be on the Greenbelt side of the home and not visible to any neighbors, it would have no impact on neighbors and not be contrary to the intent of the covenants. The Architecture Committee is recommending approval of this variance for the following reasons: 1. In order to save the existing trees from removal. 2. The amount of encroachment into the 20-foot setback is minimal and only around 135 sq. ft. 3. There is evidence of a fence being in this same location and the grading is such there is sloping away from the home and allowing for the encroachment will provide for more functional use of the limited space on that side of the house.
  1. UBL # 1-28-10, Robert Slusher, 8 Cerrado Drive with plans for a screening fence with Variance request due to encroachment into side setback. The committee could not recommend approval of this variance request due to the fact that it appears that there appear to be other fence location options that would not involve any or reduced encroachment.  The Committee is sending this request back to the resident and the Covenants Compliance Rep., Mark Young, will work with the applicant to look at other options.

8 UBL #   3-17-14, Creigh McNeil, 2 Ortiz Lane, with plans for a Portal, fences and other projects with a variance request for monuments.   The monuments require a variance due to the fact that they will encroach into the front 50-foot roadside setback.  The Committee voted to approve the Portal, enclosure fence and propane screening fence with the following stipulations:

  1.  Both fences are to have the stringers on the inside of the fence.
  2.  Resident shall stake out thee new fence location and contact the ECIA for a setback check before any work is done.

 Relative to the Driveway Monuments:  The Committee is recommending approval of the variance request to the ECIA Board to allow for the driveway monuments to be located inside the 50-foot roadside setback.  This recommendation is due to the fact that they are of a compliant design and are planned to be in the proper location.   This variance will now be heard by the ECIA Board at their December 17th Board Working Session at the ECIA at 6 PM and you are welcome to attend that meeting.       


Other Business: 


  1.  It was pointed out that the next Committee meeting would be on December 18th at 7 PM.


There was no further business.

The meeting was adjourned at 9:30 PM

Submitted By:

Mark Young, Staff Representative