Minutes - Architecture Committee

Eldorado Community Improvement Association, Inc.

Architectural Committee Meeting Minutes of October 8th, 2019 DRAFT 1



The bi-monthly meeting of the ECIA Architecture Committee was held on Tuesday October 8th 2019 at 7 PM at the Community Center.

CALL TO ORDER:    The meeting was called to order at 7:01 PM.


Attending the meeting were members:   Chair Katherine Mortimer, Co-Chair Gary Moran, Casey Cronin, Steve Taratula, Larry Ward, Board Liaison, Bernardo Monserrat, and Staff Representative, Mark Young.   A quorum was established for this meeting. 


  1. 1. Mark Young announced that the meeting was being recorded.


There was 1 resident attending the meeting and one guest.

Consent Agenda Approvals:




  Nature of Project:                Details:


 11409                17 Azul Loop             Judith Kimmel                  Restucco                      Compliant color adobe

 30103               29 Bosque Loop      Diane McGregor               white roof                         No visibility

12302                 25 Alcalde Road      Robert Dello Russo           Restucco                           Compliant color      

23003A                4 Laguna Lane        Norm Wallace                   Restucco                           Compliant color       

14608                  2 Estambre Court   Ann Mayo                         Silicone Roof                     No Visibility to neighbors     

15427                 42 Aventura Rd       Klaus Vogtlander               Restucco                           Compliant color     

12319                 5 Encantado Pl       Christine Fitzgerald           Restucco                           Compliant color       











  1. UBL#  1-19-03, Sarah Connelly, 4 Hidalgo Court, with plans for a Roof Mount Solar Array.   These plans were approved with the following stipulations:   a.   The Applicant shall call the ECIA, at the time of panel installation, for an inspection, to ensure that the height of the system off the roof is as was approved.


  1. UBL #1-15-06, Carol Magai, 12 Azul Loop, with plans for a Ground mount solar PV with variance.   The Committee tabled this variance request and is asking the applicant to work with the neighbors on a possible alternative location and screening plan. This might be moving the array to the east and preventing any setback encroachment.
  1. UBL # 1-59-18, Stephen Mee, 2 Antigua Road, with plans for a Low profile and ballasted roof mount PV system. These plans were approved with no  stipulations:
  1. UBL# 1-54-24, Joe Sisneros, 59 Herrada Road with plans for a new Fence and gate. These plans were approved with the requirement that the stringers (horizontal supports) shall be on the inside of the gate.
  1. UBL#3-05-26, Dominic McBride, 4 Sombra Court, with plans for a Small Accessory Structure that would be screened by an existing fence.  These plans were approved with the following stipulations:
  2. Color to match the color of the  home
  1. UBL # Gary Moran, 5 Avila Court, with a Variance request for encroachment of an existing wall into side setback.  The Committee is recommending approval of this variance request since the wall has existed on the lot for more than 10 years and could be considered a landscape feature (for erosion control), due to its need to divert water away from the home,  rather than a conventional wall.   This is an approved variance structure under Section 2.4.1 of the Guidelines.   The stipulation attached to this variance is as follows:  a.   Homeowner shall be made aware that due to the fact that the wall also encroaches 2 feet into the 10 foot utility easement, the ECIA cannot approve of any encroachments into that easement, but are not requiring removal of the existing wall.  The applicant should be made aware that should a public utility require access to that easement, the homeowner may be required to remove the wall at their expense.    
  1. UBL#2-22-23, Marco Ginsberg, 12 Chapala Road, with plans for Workshop Addition and Portal addition.   These plans were approved with the following stipulations:   a. any exterior lighting shall be downward shielded.


Other Business: 

There was no further business.


There was no further business.

The meeting was adjourned at 8:25 PM 

Submitted By:

Mark Young, Staff Representative