Minutes - Architecture Committee

Eldorado Community Improvement Association, Inc.

Architectural Committee Meeting Minutes of November 13, 2018 DRAFT 1



The bi-monthly meeting of the ECIA Architecture Committee was held on Tuesday, November 13,   2018  at 7 PM at the Community Center.

CALL TO ORDER:    The meeting was called to order at 7:01 PM.


Attending the meeting were members:  Chair Katherine Mortimer, Gary Moran, Casey Cronin, Steve Taratula, Jolene Petrowski, Board Liaison, Jody Price, and Staff Representative, Mark Young.   A quorum was established for this meeting. 


  1.  Mark Young announced that the meeting was being recorded.


There were 7 residents attending the meeting, including ECIA Conservation Committee Chair, Tom Bredenberg.

Consent Agenda Approvals:




Nature of Project:



19 Aventura Road

Yoshi Grubner


Using compliant color pueblo


28 Encantado Road

Linda Dilley

New Metal Roof

Using compliant color tan


8 Verano Drive

Mary Robison


Compliant restucco


29 Camerada Rd

James Truman


Compliant color Abiquiu


14 Gavilan Road

Ken Wolverton


Compliant color café au lait




  1. UBL# 3-19-05, Peter Riggs and Ellen Platas. 3 Moya Place, with revised plan for two Ground Based Solar Arrays with no variance. The ECIA Architecture moved to deny this application due to the fact that the most recent plans, which contained a significant relocation of the proposed arrays, were not properly noticed to the affected neighbors, 14 days in advance of the architecture committee meeting, as required under the ECIA Solar Review Procedures.  Additionally, there were some missing but required details in the site plan that were left out and are required. This plan will be reviewed again at the December 4th AC Meeting at 7 PM.  


  1.  UBL #2-21-48, Angela Schelton, 27 Herrada Road, with plans for a New Home. The home is of Spanish Pueblo Revival Design and 1700 sq. ft in size. The color of the home is to be Pueblo and the home will be 13’6” feet tall.  With no compliance issues these plans were approved with the following stipulations:   a. Exterior lights shall be downward shielded.   b. Front door shall not have an oval glass window and be either of solid construction or on an appropriate design for this style of home.
  1.  UBL#1-65-05, Fred McPherson, 9 Quedo Road, with plans for a Coyote Fence. With no compliance issues these plans were approved with the following stipulations:  a. Stringers shall be on the inside of the fence.       
  1. UBL#1-18-04, James Sharp, 19 Lucero Road, with plans for a free standing Ramada. The Ramada will be 6’ x 10’ and 9 feet tall and of all wood construction.  With no compliance issues these plans were approved with no stipulations:       


  1.  UBL# 3-25-10, Brad Masopus, 17 Verano Loop, with plans for a Play structure with variance request. The variance is required as the play structure is 10 feet larger in square footage that allowed under section  requires that Play Structures shall not exceed a square footage of over 200 square feet. Additionally, a variance is required for the fact that of the guidelines which requires that roofs or awnings of these structures shall match the color of the primary house, or be earth toned, while the color of the planned roof of the play structure is green.  This variance will be heard by the ECIA Board at their Nov. 26th working meeting.
  1.  UBL # 2-15-28, Ken Stead and Janette Bell, 19 Espira Court, with a variance request for existing hot tub and landscaping inside 20 foot setback and onto ECIA lands. This was caused due to the current residents having been given an ILR in 2015 that was not accurate. A recent 2018 ILR shows that there is landscaping and a small corner of a hot tub area not on their lands and encroaches onto the ECIA owned greenbelt area.   The committee discussed this issue at length and felt that the Hot Tub had no footings and is not a permanent structure and would not require a variance. As well it was voted that the ECIA should acknowledge that this hot tub is not a permanent structure and sits inside the 10 foot utility easement and associated landscaping might have to be removed at the owner’s expense, should a utility need to access this easement.  The issue of the landscaping beds that encroach onto ECIA lands will be forwarded to the Board for review at the November 26th Board meeting or the owner may decide to remove them from ECIA lands.  


  1. UBL #2-21-34, Allen Baker, 4 Herrada Place, with plans for a wood post and wire dog fence with a wood gate. The new fenced enclosure will be 2000 square feet and with exiting enclosure on the lot of 864 sq. ft. The fence will be 5 feet tall.  With no compliance issues these plans were approved with no stipulations.        



8 UBL # 3-19-04. Nancy Wood, 2 Moya Place, with plans for a Portal with a new slab below it that connects the home to the existing carport. The size of the structure will  be  10 feet tall and 82 sq. ft. in size.   The new portal will have parapets to match the home and have a brai roof to match the homes roof.   With no compliance issues these plans were approved with no stipulations.        


Other Business: 


  1.  Resident Karen Murry, 62 Herrada Road, addressed the Committee concerning the fact that she had not gotten her plans for a new portal into the ECIA in time for review at this meeting, but due to water getting into her home, this project is of an urgent nature. The plan is to add a 15 foot long portal to the south side of her tome to divert water from the canales away from the home and not enter her bedroom area.  While the Committee could not approve of the plans, as it had not been properly warned, the committee did feel that it was a compliant design and did not see any compliance issues. They asked her to come back to the ECIA for plan review at the December 4th meeting and that should she decide to begin any work, without 1st getting ECIA approval, she would be doing this at her own risk.
  1.  Resident and Conservation Committee Chair, Tom Bredenberg, came to address the Committee on the issues of encroachment of structures into the Greenbelt from resident’s lots. While the Committee is responsible for the management of the preserve and greenbelts lands, the Committee feels that any encroachment issues are out of the Conservation Committee’s purview and should be reviewed by the ECIA Board.   Tom stated that he will add this to the committees December 4th meeting agenda to be discussed further. 


There was no further business.

The meeting was adjourned at 8:45 PM

Submitted By:

Mark Young, Staff Representative