Minutes - Architecture Committee

Eldorado Community Improvement Association, Inc.

Architectural Committee Meeting Minutes of January 14, 2020 DRAFT 1



The bi-monthly meeting of the ECIA Architecture Committee was held on Tuesday January 14, 2020, at 7 PM at the Community Center.

CALL TO ORDER:    The meeting was called to order at 7:01 PM.


Attending the meeting were members:  Chair Katherine Mortimer, Co-Chair Gary Moran, Casey Cronin, Steve Taratula, Larry Ward, Mark Hiatt, Board Liaison, Melecent D’Amore and Staff Representative, Mark Young.   A quorum was established for this meeting. 


  1. 1. Mark Young announced that the meeting was being recorded.


There were 7 residents attending the meeting and one guest. 

Consent Agenda Approvals:


  Name             Address                    Project                           Comments

          215       Shem Lewis        9 Enebro Road              Restucco                             Complaint color

12406            Theresa Beyer   28 Alcalde Road            New Windows                    Compliant style


New Business


1.       UBL#    2-21-07, Charles Waldron, 6 Gavilan Place, with plans for new Sunroom. These plans were tabled again due to a lack of needed plan elevations and details.   The motion to table was made by Gary Moran and seconded by Mark Hiatt.  All present voted in favor of this motion.  

  1. UBL # 3-15-11, Allen and Leslie Seabolt, 22 Valencia Loop, with plans for a Coyote screening fence.   This variance is being recommended to the ECIA board for approval with the stipulations as follows:  1. Resident shall move the fence out of the utility easement and 2. Resident shall come back to the ECIA, within 6 months with a plan for further RV screening on the East side of the RV.  
  1. UBL# 1-61-00, Julie Baer, 5 Tarro Road, with a Variance requests for new shed. These plans were tabled pending a site visit by the committee on Saturday January 18th.   The motion to table was made by Casey Cronin and seconded by Mark Hiatt.  All present voted in favor of this motion.  
  1. UBL # 1-36-04, Joe Mullins, 10 Balsa Road, with plans for a New Garage. The Committee has approved of these plans for ground based solar array with the stipulations as follows:  a. All exterior lighting shall be downward shielded.b. Stucco to match the color of the home.
  1. UBL #3-46-04, Robert Smith, 7 Duende Road, with plans for a greenhouse inside an existing fenced enclosure.  The Committee has approved of these plans for ground based solar array with the stipulations as follows:  a. Resident shall use a shade cloth over the greenhouse to prevent any reflectivity of the greenhouse.  Resident shall maintain this additional screening over the life of the greenhouse.
  1. Resident shall paint the metal base to match the color of the home.
  2. If resident adds any lighting to the inside of the greenhouse it shall be downward shielded.
  1. 6. UBL# 3-02-09, Peter Bond, 15 Bosque Loop, with plans for moving existing shed to new location on lot The Committee has approved of these plans for moving your shed to the west side of the home with the stipulations as follows:
  2. a.  Distance to the home shall not exceed 15 feet.
  3. 2 - 5 foot tall pinon pine trees shall be added to the south and west side of the shed
  1. 7. UBL# 3-23-03, Joe Eigner, 6 Verano Drive, with plans and a Variance request for two large accessory structures more than 15 feet from home. The Committee is recommending approval of this variance due to the fact that these locations are needed to save mature trees and to meet the requirements of the Fire Department for access in an emergency. This recommendation is being made with the following stipulations:
  2. a. Any exterior lights shall be downward shielded.
  3. b. Stucco of each structure shall match the color of the home.
  4. c. Required connecting features shall be block/stucco walls of the same stucco color as the home.


Other Business:

  1. The Committee reviewed the 2020 Architecture Committee Annual report and approved of a revised version.
  2. The Committee discussed the review of the Board Goals established by the Board for our Committee.
  3. The issue of discussion over the review of the 2020 Guidelines was postponed due to the lateness of the meeting.



There was no further business.

The meeting was adjourned at 9:25 PM 

Submitted By:

Mark Young, Staff Representative