Minutes - Conservation Committee

ECIA Conservation Committee Minutes

August 4, 2020

Attending via Zoom: Chair Paul Butt, Vice Chair Tom Brimacombe, Members Carol Beidleman, Thomas Bredenberg, John Parker, John Reynolds, Board Liaison Carol Sanguinetti, HOAMCO Liaison Mike Rogers, Sarah Skagen Tech Support

Guests Attending via Zoom: Darrel Owen, Jim and Bette Knight, Sue Will, Sean Sartain

  1. 1. Appointment of Recording Secretary, Thom Bredenberg accepts again but Chair directs another will either volunteer or be appointed at the next monthly meeting
  2. 2. Approval of Agenda, John Parker, Motion, Tom Brimacombe, 2nd.
  3. 3. Approval of July Minutes, Carol Beidleman, Motion, John Parker 2nd.
  4. 4. Board Liaison Report, Carol Sanguinetti: The Family Council has been formed to identify and address the needs of families with children in the community. Sean Sartain, a parent, has applied for a Board vacancy but has not yet been approved. He will attend some meetings to learn more about HOA functions. Ed Moreno, County Commissioner, is resigning before completion of his term. The Governor will appoint someone to serve the remainder of his term.  Hank Hughes is running unopposed for the seat in November. The board thinks the greenbelt policy needs to be updated.  Discussion on whether the Conservation Committee’s greenbelt trail standards and SOP constitute policies as currently defined. Consensus they do not, but we need to review it. No printing until new logo is selected, will be another month. 2020 Budget: Chair was strongly advised to attend next Finance Committee meeting regarding 2020 budget. It is the Committee’s position that the budget reflects commitment to complete phase I Gully this year, signs, maps, and contractual services long anticipated.  Board requests survey report of Bibliotheca Trail done last February. That documentation has already been submitted, monument location only. The Road Committee is getting its own survey equipment.  James Mason presented his concerns to Board members regarding trail widening and impact on cultural modified trees. Other than annual mowing, no widening of greenbelt trails, limbing or felling of trees is anticipated. Chair will contact Mr. Mason to clarify his concerns. Next-door concerns re mowing on Camerada Road access trail to Gallinas Park.
  5. 5. HOAMCO report, Mike Rogers, currently searching for warranty deed to Preserve for the purpose of clarifying the restrictive language. John Parker may have a copy or one could be obtained from the SF County Clerk’s office. He asked who made Preserve the no trespassing signs since similar signs may be needed for greenbelts for liability issues.
  6. 6. Project status updates:

                     "Car Corral" opposite TH 4:  Rock delivered and placed near sites of erosion   structures.  Carol Beidleman questioned if there is still a need for overflow parking and if it will create permanent demand by non-residents. Chair, safety requires getting cars off the road. The fence also closes off the ranch road and social trail. No imperovementsd to the parking surface; if it is too muddy to park, it is too muddy to hike. We are not adding a driveway, the ranch road is already is there  Chair loses the Zoom Later, we notified the County and we will proceed accordingly.

  1. 7. New business:

                     Discussion of social trails to Galisteo Creek connecting the eastern part of the Preserve with the western part.  No immediate plans to develop it.

                     Discussion of obtaining safety vests for Conservation Committee members

and volunteers when working in the Greenbelts or the Preserve (pictures attached). Carol Sanguinetti, the vests should be intended for all committees and volunteers, not limited to the Conservation Committee. Reflective vests good for safety, “Volunteer” needs to be visible.

  1. 8. Old Business: Signage and Brochure Updates; Discussion on current progress;

 Carol Beidleman and John Parker have submitted draft safety regulation and access panels to Chair, sent back today for the next step. Tom Brimacombe: font choice limits text. Board Liaison, no printing until new logo approved, although no logo on draft yet.  Board has to approve it before printing, Paul can send it to Board Liaison when ready. Map side, any changes will take more time for trail junction signs and 4 big trail head signs. Committee members to vote for cover photo, top four for internal pics by rank. Chair rejoins Zoom meeting, requests final draft and will send it out to CC for vote, trail courtesy signs have to be consistent, brochure and signs should be in sync. Balance getting it right and timely. Tom Brimacombe will make editorial decision, ranked choice OK. Total miles of trails need to be reviewed but not vital.

                     Other projects for 2020 -            Dynamic Duo project recommendations?

                    Policy on Rock Climbing in the Preserve:

  • Status report on removal of ladder & other climber-associated material from the Cactus Heaven area: Thom Bredenberg and a volunteer removed the ladder and shovel. Someone has removed the clips from the bolts reported in April. Exposed climbing chalk was rinsed off in the recent rains but chalk used in overhangs and rock shelters still present. It can be removed with a soft brush and water.
  • Status report on gathering of information for use in possible development of limited climbing policy. Insurance information available in the Drop box; no coverage and no anticipation of permitting climbing in the Preserve. Discussion: consensus we present a policy to the Board to close the Preserve to climbing activities permanently. Chair will draft a policy to be considered at next meeting to recommend to the Board.
  • Discussion of Committee members making a hike to climbing site(s) identified by Jim Knight & making an evaluation. Due to time limitation, Chair will contact Jim Knight to set up meeting for additional information

                     401 Gully, revised Phase 1                   (RFB progress, this week)

                     Summer work day scheduling              ON HOLD

  1. 9. Open Forum, no issues
  2. 10. Adjournment, Carol Beidleman, Motion, John Parker, 2nd

Ideas for Safety Vests:

Piñon Tree logo

Could also use the "swoosh" logo,

or the new logo (?)