Minutes - Conservation Committee

ECIA Conservation Committee Minutes

June 1, 2021

  1. Call to Order at 7:01pm
  1. 2. Appointment of Recording Secretary (John Parker)

3.Roll Call: Paul Butt (Chair), Tom Brimacombe (Vice Chair), Jonathan Turkle, Thom Bredenberg, John Parker, John Reynolds. Quorum established.

Excused absences: Carol Beidleman, Jürgen Lehmann, Susan Will.


Carol Sanguinetti (Board Liaison), Jocelyn Rizo (HOAMCO Zoom Assistant).

Visitors via Zoom: (participant list not available for June)

  1. 4. Approval of Agenda: Motion by Thom Bredenberg, 2nd by John Parker. Motion carries.
  1. 5. Announcements:
  • Meeting was streamed on Zoom with the following rules:
  • Guests are muted until recognized; guests should type in name, full address and topics to speak during the Open Forum.
  • Residents will be recognized on first come, first served basis.
  • Private messaging during the meeting is disabled.
  • An audio recording of the Zoom meeting will be made and will be available after the meeting upon request to conservationchair@gmail.com
  • Our next meeting, July 6, will be another “hybrid” meeting with the chair, members of the committee, ECIA staff and guests wishing to be physically present at the ECIA Classroom.
  1. 6. Approval of May Minutes: No changes. Motion by Thom Bredenberg, 2nd by John Parker. Motion carries.
  1. 7. Board Liaison Report, Carol Sanguinetti: ECIA still looking for people to plan 50th anniversary party for the fall. The committee congratulated Jonathan Turkle on his appointment to the Board. This will be Jonathan’s last meeting as a CC member. With pandemic easing ECIA is planning traditional 4th of July celebration.
  1. 8. HOAMCO Liaison Report, Mike Rogers (No report, Mike was on approved leave).
  1. 9. Open Forum:
  1. 10. Project Status Updates:
  • Paul and Thom Bredenberg have planted almost 40 willow seedlings in arroyo where Tamarisk have been removed. Another volunteer effort is being organized to plant the twenty or so remaining seedlings.
  • John Parker reported on the field trip to 401north steps. The following committee members were present; Thom Bredenberg, Carol Beidleman, Paul Butt, John Parker, Jonathan Turkle, and Tom Brimacombe. Different alternatives for eliminating the now deteriorated steps at the beginning of Trail 401with a re-routed trail was discussed. All agreed that the simplest, and hopefully most successful option, would be a re-route immediately to the east of the current alignment. Carol Sanguinetti said that the re-route, since it was adjacent to the existing trail, would not need to be approved by the board. Paul is requesting that ECIA staff remove the timbers and rebar from the old steps.
  • John Parker reported on the fire risk mitigation tour on May 29. Jonathan Turkle, Tom Bredenberg and Susan Will joined John on a walk and talk through the Pueblo Canyon Greenbelt assessing fire risk and potential mitigation strategies. While there were a number of piles of woody debris, fire concerns were deemed moderate at best. A sculpture created from dead branches above the pilot trail through the area was agreed by all to be recommended for removal.
  1. 11. New Business:
  • The new split-rail fence at TH 1 has not completely deterred incursions on the private property off the east end of the parking area. Paul will investigate placement of a motion-sensitive camera there.
  • Jonathan Turkle provided a presentation on GIS and potential applications for management of the preserve (PDF version of presentation attached, The Power of where PPt.pdf). Costs for GIS have come down, making this technology available to smaller entities. Commonweal is using GIS to support their management of the Galisteo Basin Preserve.
  • John Parker agreed to volunteer to lead a crew to create erosion controls along the north end of the 404 trail.
  • Paul is planning to tour potential erosion controls further down Trail 404 with Jan-Willem on June 26. Members wishing to attend should call Paul.
  • Paul suggested that we develop more tours in the preserve. Perhaps these can be made into videos.

12.Old Business

  • Discussion of CC meeting format for July (live, Zoom, Live + Zoom): We will continue to hold hybrid meetings. ECIA will continue providing capability to Zoom and live simultaneously (Live + Zoom = hybrid).
  • John Reynolds reported on his efforts to facilitate submittal of a proposed trail in the greenbelt at Glorieta Road. The Los Alamos Greenbelt is very narrow at this location making it essential that property lines are located accurately. This may necessitate a formal survey. Public interest is still being assessed.
  • Thom Bredenberg shared some concerns with Rancho Viejo access from Camerada Loop. Four corner posts delineating property lines between Rancho Viejo and the Gallina park Greenbelt need to be verified and restored.
  • Workdays for Tr 401 S site reroute delayed pending completion of tractor work at the site (sawyer crew, mechanical, and touch-up).
  • Paul requested someone lead effort for continued planting of willows in Tr201 area. Thom Bredenberg volunteered to initiate this for the coming week.
  1. 13. Adjournment motion by Thom Bredenberg, 2nd John Parker. Adjourned at 9:01 pm.