Minutes - Conservation Committee

Minutes of the ECIA Conservation Committee Meeting, January 5, 2021

Attending: Committee Members, Chair Paul Butt, Vice Chair Tom Brimacombe, Thomas Bredenberg, Carol Beidleman, Jürgen Lehman, John Reynolds, John Parker, Susan Will. ECIA Board Members: Liaison Carol Sanguinetti, Ericka Penczer. HOAMCO Jessica Collins, Mike Rogers, Guests Paul Fink, Darrell Owen

  1. 1. Appointment of Recording Secretary, Thomas Bredenberg
  2. 2. Approval of Agenda, John Parker, 2ndTom Brimacombe
  3. 3. Approval of November Minutes, Thom Bredenberg, 2ndJohn Parker,
  4. 4. Board Liaison Report

Carol Sanguinetti introduced new Board Member Ericka Penczer who is attending every committee meeting. No Board meeting this month so nothing to report

  1. 5. HOAMCO report, Mike Rogers, Preserve trails reappeared on All Trails. Taken down again after assertive request. Presentation at F&G tomorrow 10:00on Frisbee Golf Course planned for Gallinas Park west of Azul. Discussion. Concerns voiced by most members that this plan does not sound like an appropriate use of the greenbelts. Almost all members have conflicts and cannot attend tomorrow with such short notice.

Motion by Thom Bredenberg, 2nd Carol B. that the Chair convey our concerns to F&G that this development does not appear to be consistent with the Committee’s mission.

Further discussion. Chair will attend F&G meeting and will issue a report to the Conservation Committee.

  1. 6. Project status updates: Chair, see https://www.dropbox.com/sh/gbb1lyqky8jytsr/AACXQU5jLwYR7akZgSFAAyOva?dl=0

TH 401 old dam site restoration ph. 1 (plug & spread) (construction update) report in December

401 south, dam site project phase 2 (south-side gully), HOAMCO staff, supervised by Jan-Willem Jansens

                   Preserve Signage printing, wayfinding signs and waypoint signs finished $1,000, need to get two channel stakes and hardware for wayfinding, will request volunteers. Discussion on how to approach installation with volunteers, priorities. Additional signage needed; “not a system trail”, “trailhead parking”, Tom Brimacombe will develop off templates. La Tiera sign a good model.

                   Preserve Brochure printing, Julie contacted printers, Paper Tiger quoted $900 for 2000 brochures. How to distribute discussion. Can advertise in Vistas and E-blast that copies can be mailed to MIGS upon request.

  1. 7. New business:

                   catalytic converter theft @ TH3 on 12/08

                   signs for notification of break-ins? Discussion pros and cons, off putting. Wildlife cameras as a means of security at trailhead parking lot. $136.99 per unit. Privacy concerns. Cell phone photo cell, cell phone account, will continue looking into it. 11-17-2020 Carol B submitted information on it. Discussion of efficacy. Townhall with County Sherriff scheduled.

Vistas article for March, community input for Cons. Committee 5-year plan. Follow-up with discussion in April CC meeting, draft for review in May meeting. (Tabled)

                   Project selection & planning for 2021:


Sign replacement, discussed above.

Cairn removal and other work at intersection of social trails south of trail 301 (301-E -F), discussion, neighborhood relations, good place to place sign. Consensus no further action needed.

Trail maintenance 301-A-B, address in Spring, encourage members to go out and check it, note waypoints.

Trail 401 north steps (4A) what to do? HOAMCO staff is available to assist. Worn water bars. Possibilities/ Options: reroute, stone steps, major re-route through Cactus Heaven, take a look at it over the Winter. Favorable reaction to Cactus Heaven re-route.

Trail 401 south, dam site re-route, volunteer effort (see 09-13-2019, San Isidro Permaculture Gully Treatment Proposal, (see in Dropbox)

401 south, dam site project phase 2 (south-side gully), HOAMCO staff, supervised by Jan-Willem Jansens, educational signs suggested by John Reynolds on why we are doing it.

401 south, dam site project phase 3 (north-side gully), RFB and contract work

Trail 101-F-G reroute onto slope of hill west of existing trail, again invites members to look at feasibility of light weight hiking trail vs. equestrian trail. Continued discussion.

Removal of Carsonite posts (e.g., Tr105 and 201) where not needed for way-finding, set a date to go out and mark the keepers and then pull the ones not needed.

Habitat restoration with Arroyo Willow seedlings, pilot project, location & logistics: 40 one-year seedlings ordered. Plant in tamarisk areas off T201 and the palisade area on the T404 meadow area. OK to trim back tamarisks with at least one person, email chair.


  • Complete Library Trail:

Flag route for western segment ASAP, John Reynolds eager to participate, educational opportunity.

"Private Property. Please use Approved Trail." Prioritize this step, per John Reynolds prior to social trails closure.

Hold community Zoom meeting to show route & encourage feedback

Finalize route

HOAMCO staff to blade where necessary

Volunteers in small groups to groom

Carsonite markers on hand to mark social trails within the greenbelt

"Not a system trail" and social trails on private property

Prep & re-seeding of mowed area in Gallina Park where tumbleweeds were mowed, discussion of quality of available blends v. custom blends. Carol will submit list of preferred species. Re-visit in February.

Due to time considerations, remaining items tabled.

  • Volunteer(s) to coordinate with Roads Committee to locate boundary markers for greenbelt access points or new trail(s) as requested in 2020:
  • Possible extension of Paseo Biblioteca trail from Glorieta Rd to Melado Rd (12 locates)
  • access point at Camerada Rd (4 locates)
  • access point at Gavilan Place (4 locates)
  • access point at Monte Alto Rd (4 locates)
  • access point at Rail Trail, Pueblo Cn Park north (2 locates)
  • access point at Rail Trail, Pueblo Cn Park south (3 1/2 locates)
  • access point at Valencia Loop (4 locates)
  1. 8. Old Business:
  2. 9. Open Forum
  3. 10. Adjournment; John Parker, 2ndThom Bredenberg