Minutes - Conservation Committee

ECIA Conservation Committee Minutes

October 1, 2019

  1. 1. Approval of Agenda - Thomas Bredenberg proposed moving budget items from Old to New Business. John Parker moved to approve, Carol Beidleman seconded approval of the agenda as amended.
  2. 2. Appointment of Recording Secretary - Paul Butt agreed to take minutes
  3. 3. Approval of August Minutes - John Parker moved to approve, Tom Brimacombe seconded
  4. 4. Approval of September Minutes - Carol Beidleman moved to approve, Tom Brimacombe seconded
  5. 5. Excused Absences and Introduction of Guests - Mary Clark was absent without requesting to be excused. No guests attended the meeting.
  6. 6. Report from the Board Liaison - Bernardo Monserrat attended on behalf of David Sorkin, who will step in as liaison next month. Bernardo stated that the ECIA Board is going to try to hold the 2020 budget at 2019 levels, due primarily to current FY expenses for water system replacement at the stables and the pool project. The Board's budgetary focus for 2020 will be to rebuild the Association's financial reserves. It now appears that the pool renovation will take two more summers to complete.

          Weed Management - Bernardo did not have any updates re: Board recommendations for where this can be worked into existing Committee duties.

A brief discussion of the matter was held by the Committee members. The need was recognized that some effort be made to educate and inform residents, and possibly to provide equipment (hand tools) for control of the more noxious local weeds. It was also noted that the Conservation Committee does not have the human or other resources to provide these services. The observation was also made that roads and vehicles are the primary vectors for the spread of weeds, and that perhaps the Roads Committee should be involved. Tom Bredenberg agreed to contact the Road Committee through the Board Liaison and Committee Chair. Bernardo asked that communication be made directly to the Road Committee Chair and that the Board Liaison be copied on any correspondence. Tom also mentioned that the ECIA website has a page linking to the City of Albuquerque weed information guide from 2012, and requested that Carol review the information available.

  1. 7. HOAMCO report

          Mike Rogers reported that the Melado, Library and the north side of the Pueblo Cañon Greenbelt Trails were mowed within the previous few weeks.

The south side of the Pueblo Cañon Greenbelt Trail has not been mowed since the beginning of the summer.

          Materials for 404 Meadow Project - the additional posts and the rock needed had not yet been ordered at the time of the Committee meeting. Materials were purchased and delivered to the staging area for the project in time for the 10/19 educational event.

  1. 8. New Business:

          2020 Budget -

          Review of 404 Meadow project final proposal - A proposal for phase 1 contractual services for this project was received from Wild Earth Guardians on 9/21, after an on-site walk-through on 9/14. Cost for these services will be $4,757.82. There will be additional expense for materials and for contractual services provided by Ecotone, LLC. Following review of the proposal, the Committee voted unanimously to proceed with phase 1 of this project (motion by John Parker, Paul Butt second).

          Educational event 10-19-2019 - a brief discussion of objectives for the 404 Meadow project educational event was held. Jan Willem-Jansens will make a presentation of the objectives for the project, followed by hands-on work on erosion control structures that are part of the first phase of the project.

          Project status updates:   401 Gully - postponed due to budget constraints, as indicated above.

                                                 Library Trail - Committee consensus was to proceed with the survey of the remaining greenbelt boundary markers.

                                                101-104 braiding - Committee members plan to walk out to the problem areas on November 6 to review the situation.

  1. 9. Old Business

          Remaining 2019 Budget - Per Rachel, the ECIA GL report through the end of September shows that the Committee has $8,100 left in its budget. The contract amount for Wild Earth Guardians/404 Meadow project, phase 1, is $4,757. The remaining budget will be needed to pay for Ecotone and Southwest Mountain Surveys contractual services, tools, and materials. Because of limited budget, the 401 Gully project will be postponed until 2020.

          Signage and Map Updates      Tom Brimacombe will work on this project over the winter. New photos for the Preserve Trails Brochure are needed.

          Salt cedars in the arroyo below Trailhead 3 - interested Committee members will set a date to do manual Tamarisk removal, probably late this coming winter, or in early spring. During discussion, a recommendation was made that the Committee schedule a day next spring in the arroyo below Trailhead 3 for planting willows and possibly other native plants to slow water flow and improve percolation in the arroyo. There was enthusiastic consensus for pursuing this project.

  1. 10. Open Forum - John Parker agreed to attend the ECIA Finance Committee 2020 proposed budget review meeting scheduled for October 15.
  2. 11. Adjournment - motion by John Parker, Paul Butt second