Minutes - Conservation Committee

Conservation Committee (CC) Meeting Minutes

September 4, 2018

Attending: Carol Beidleman, Tom Bredenberg (Recording Secretary), Tom Brimacombe, Paul Butt, Jim Daniel, Rob Egemeier (Acting Chair), Jerry Gulseth, John Parker, Emily McCormick (ECIA Board Liaison), Mary Clark (prospective member/previous member).

Excused and unexcused absences not recorded.

  • John Reynolds resigned as chair and from the committee on 08-20-2018. Motion by John Parker, Second Jerry Gulseth for Rob Egemeier to act as chair for the purpose of this meeting following the agreed-on agenda submitted by Jim Daniel.
  • Tom Bredenberg volunteered to take minutes for this meeting.
  • August minutes approved on motion of Jim Daniel, Second Jerry Gulseth
  • Guests: Paul Fink, Mary Clark, and Betsy Walker
  • Report from the Board Liaison – Pam Henline resigned from the board leaving only 4 directors. Emily McCormick attended as Board Liaison, and reported the board will meet 09-05-2018.
  • Action Plan composed by Paul Butt as a result of special meeting 08-22-2018 is reflected in the agenda. That meeting was called to address committee goals and objectives in light of the abrupt changes in committee leadership.

Emily will contact Pam for documentation submitted originally to her and will follow up on un-reimbursed expenses by committee members.  Members have been directed to Emily Spies, Director of Accounting at HOAMCO for reimbursement follow up.

Due to repeated dissatisfaction with HOAMCO’s process and results, the committee wants to contract directly with vendors for procurement of services such as Ecotone, surveying, and heavy equipment work. The new chair will clarify the status of the Ecotone contract and any past due invoices. Emily anticipates a new General Manager hire within the month who should attend the next monthly committee meeting.  Emily indicated the board is looking for a candidate with a background in project management.  The future GM and future committee chair(s) will follow up.  John Parker suggested a training session in procurement of services for the committee and HOAMCO perhaps with input from the Finance Committee.


  1. Discuss and develop Committee consensus: Library Trail completion


  1. Once the procurement process has been finalized, contract with area Licensed Professional Surveyor to locate and mark all lot boundaries for properties adjacent to the Trail and the connecting Greenbelt Access Points. GPS co-ordinates and the surveyor’s report will be kept by the committee for future reference.
  2. Contract with individual or company with appropriate expertise to remove or reduce the berms created when the machine work on the trail was done earlier this year, and to reduce or eliminate other problems created by the incorrectly done machine work, insofar as possible.
  3. Mark Young has suggested he intercede with the maintenance crew to explain the problems and the necessity of working under CC supervision. The committee decided not to pursue this option.
  4. After the Greenbelt boundaries have been identified and marked, and after the corrective machine work has been satisfactorily completed, set a date for a work day to do any remaining hand-work. Announce a call for volunteers as widely as is reasonably possible. This will be scheduled at a future meeting once A & B have been completed.
  5. Preserve work for the remainder of 2018.


  1. Schedule work days

      Complete repairs to 404, per Carol’s trail condition report of 8/11, on 10/13 with 10/20 as an alternate, in case of     weather.

Flag alternate 401 and 403 and plan 401 head cut remediation during the             week at a date to be determined.

            Complete 400 work, 10/27 with 11/03 alternate.  The new chair will contact Jan-    Willem to confirm these dates and invite the UNM volunteers.  We will submit      an article to Vistas before their deadline for the October issue.

  1. Prepare a template for recording the condition of Preserve trails and other assets, to be used as input to Committee activity planning. Use template for a complete condition assessment of the Preserve trail system, using information developed for the Condition Assessment. Identify other work to be done in the Preserve this fall, and outline possible projects for next spring.

Paul Butt provided a National Park Service trails publication and will include Jan-Willem Jansen’s Caring for Good Trails publication as a basis for this.

  1. Work day with staff for placing new signs – This was not discussed.
  • Review the Committee Charter, update as necessary and submit to the ECIA Board as required.

Carol has made the necessary changes in the charter and will distribute it to the members.  At our next meeting we will discuss if there are tasks we don't want to commit to (e.g. goats/fire mitigation) or to nuance the wording to keep the door open for future involvement in those tasks. 

  • Greenbelt vegetation control – Historically the CC has had only an advisory role. What should our role be going forward? See above.
  • Response to letter from the Pellegrino’s. No action taken at this time.
  • Education and hike on weed control: This was not discussed since Pam Henline had previously proposed this and was not present.
  • Decision on more Greenbelt maps. We will continue to make photocopies of the current greenbelt map, given that trail improvements and changes are still in progress. When the time comes for making a new map, we intend to seek our own vendors.
  • COLTPAC: John Parker observed the 100 series trails are in good shape after the rains, but the rail trail is showing erosion on some of the grade reversals.
  • What constitutes a CC quorum? This has been answered in the revised charter.
  • Discussion whether we want a vice chair or co-chair in addition to a new chair. John Parker made a motion to nominate Tom Bredenberg as chair for a 90 day term as requested by the nominee, and Paul Butt as vice chair for a term of 120 days.  Motion was seconded by Jim Daniel and carried.  The term of service for these two will begin 09-05-2018.
  • Vote on Mary Clark’s membership. Jim Daniel moved to recommend Mary Clark to the board for committee membership, Rob Egemeier second.  Due to their many pressing matters, the board may not act on this for a while.