Minutes - Conservation Committee

Draft Conservation Committee April 3th 2018 Meeting Minutes

Transcribed by Jim Daniel

Meeting called to order at 7:00 PM

Attending Members: (John Reynolds (chair), Pam Henline (board liaison) , Paul Butt, Carol Beidleman, Jerry Gulseth, Tom Bredenberg, John Parker, Tom Brimacombe, Jim Daniel, Cecil Rich, Rob Egemeier

Guests: Lisa Jacques-Carroll, Paul Fink

Minutes from March were discussed and approved unanimously.

The committee volunteer appreciation party is on April 17th.

Volunteer waiver discussion

Pam – discussed the fact that the ECIA board is working on a Volunteers Liability waivers form. The purpose is to excuse the ECIA from liability when volunteers work on ECIA sponsored projects. John Parker said the form should cover the period of one year so to minimize the number of forms. It was also suggested we have a sign in sheet for all such projects.

Contractors should be covered  by their own insurance.

Trail extension

Lisa asked the committee to consider extending the Bibliotheca trail from Melado to Glorieta. This was discussed and put on our work agenda for the near future.

Kill fewer trees

Discussion occurred as to reducing the amount of paper used at our meetings. It was decided that the documents were a necessary part of our overall deliberations and coiuld not be reduced.

Galisteo Preserve

The Board is composing a letter in support of maintaining the Galisteo Preserve in its current status as available to all area residents. John P said that Ted of the Commonweal may have most of the funds to payoff the bank debt lined up.

Conservation Committee’s Charter.

John sent out the Charter just before the meeting. He asked we review it before the next meeting and suggest revisions. We will vote for approval in May.


After some back and forth the contract with Amanita Thorpe of Horned Locust Goatscaping is almost ready to be signed. The insurance problem has been solved. The goats are to be on site in Gallina Park starting April 12th for 30 “working days”.


Library Trail discussion

The trail has been tentatively marked. We know the property boundaries expect for the easternmost part which needs to be checked. It would be good if Tom Brimacombe or John Parker could check and refine the trail. John R has asked Isabel to have the Tractor crew blade the trail in early May.

Greenbelt access signs

Jim made a list of all the greenbelt access points and found that there are 145. This was too many to handle in a expeditious way. It was discussed that we could add the signs in an area where we have made improvements in the trail.

Christmas on the Greenbelt

Somebody decorated a greenbelt tree for Christmas but did not remove the decorations. This behavior should be discouraged along with other types of statements made in the greenbelts. Mark young removed the decorations.

Cows in the Preserve

The excursion of Cattle from the property a joining the 400 section to the South was discussed. It appears that the cattle exploit the fact the water flow out of Cougar Canyon has provided a passage under the fence where they can easily passage under. Ways to block that that were discussed included a cattle guard,, and large Rocks that would be difficult for cows to walk over. It was also discussed whether we needed to prevent the cows from entering.

Workday for Trail 404

T. Peerson has recruited 10 volunteers for our trail day on April 21. They will be at the ECIA at 8:30 AM. The UNM students will be at the trailhead at 10 AM. We will provide bottled water. Organization of the work day was discussed. Several CC members will meet at Sunday 4-8 at 10 AM to survey the trail and plan a strategy for the 21st. It is important to give the volunteers a good experience so they may return.

John R put up a sign in the preserve announcing the workday.



It was decided that Tom Brimacombe will purchase (and be reimbursed)  2 pulaskis (or pickmatics), 2 Rogue hoes, 2 McClouds and 1 pair of loppers. After a motion, this purchase was approved unanimously.

Historical Survey update –

John P reported that Tamara “Stewart” will do the survey for a reasonable price but the contract is yet to be signed.

Meeting was adjourned at 9:05 PM