Minutes - Conservation Committee

ECIA Conservation Committee Minutes

May 1, 2018

Attendees: John Reynolds (Chair), Carol Beidleman, Tom Bredenberg (recording secretary), Tom Brimacombe, Jim Daniel, Rob Egemeier, Jerry Gulseth, John Parker, Pan Henline (ECIA Board Liaison)

Excused Absences: Paul Butt and Cecil Rich

Meeting called to order

Approval of agenda (Tom Bredenberg, Motion, Jerry Gulseth Second) Old business items later included.

  1.  Minutes Accepted for April 3, 2018 meeting. (John Parker, Motion, Rob Egemeier, Second) Discussion that minutes are contemporaneous and reflect the thinking at the time of the meeting.
  1.  Guests: Jeff Cross, community resident.
  1.  Final draft of revised charter; Discussion, Jim Daniels motion to submit final draft to the Board with minor edits. Jerry Gulseth Second.
  1.  Non-Resident Volunteer appreciation: Annual guest passes would probably conflict with the original Preserve documents. Certificates or letters of appreciation or postcards would be preferable. Drafting and sending them out can be done after the last work day of Spring.
  1.  Trail Stewards: Discussed developing a proposal to submit to the Board for the Conservation Committee to recruit, train and certify volunteers as Trail Stewards. They would be responsible for specific sections of trail and perform simple trail maintenance starting first on the Greenbelt trails and then expanding to the Preserve. They would   report problems and observations to the Committee for action. We will review our trail standards and other documents to develop guidelines for this proposal. 
  1.  Vista article for June: Carol Beidleman will complete John Reynold’s draft article on the 404 including Jim Daniel’s map and a photo for submission by the May 8 deadline.
  1.  Galisteo Basin Preserve: Pam Henline, Carol Beidleman and John Parker will prepare a letter for the Board’s signature to Santa Fe County Commissioner Ed Moreno expressing Eldorado residents’ concerns regarding future access to the Galisteo Basin Preserve.
  1.  Archeological/Historical Survey of 400 area: Issues of liability insurance and scope of work need resolution before contract with archeologist can be completed. John Parker will follow up.
  1.  404 Trail: Discussed whether to change the May 12 trail day due to some conflicts but decided to keep it as scheduled. We will recon the 404 from the intersection with the 403 on Sunday, May 6 at 8:00. Cairns were proposed as a temporary measure until the trail is totally completed. 
  1.  Fire Season Preserve Closure: Discussed that Santa Fe National Forest’s closure policy may not be appropriate for the Preserve. Instead, Jim Daniel located fire danger signs for the trailheads and will order them, with these signs to be posted at trailheads as warranted.
  1.  Post 404 Preserve projects for the fall: we will review Jan Willem’s previous recommendations for further Preserve work and discuss at next meeting.
  1.  Goat Scaping Update: The goats are almost halfway through their 30-day eating contract and are currently camped at the Compadres Park. A late cold front delayed new weed growth so the results are not as dramatic as last time. John Reynolds will consult with Amanita Thorpe and other range managers to determine what would be the best timing for the next goat scaping. Trail mowing could also be done in conjunction with goat scaping for fire prevention.
  1.  Completion of the Library trail: Maintenance will be busy getting the pool ready for Memorial Day weekend and cannot do the blading until after then. Flagging is still an issue since some corner posts have not yet been located.

Adjournment: next meeting Tuesday, June 5, 2018, recording secretary to be determined.