Minutes - Conservation Committee

March 6th 2018  Conservaiton Committee Meeting Minutes

Transcribed by John Reynolds

Meeting called to order

Attending Members: Jim Daniel (outgoing chair), John Reynolds (incoming chair), Pam Henline (board liason) , Paul Butt, Carol Beidleman, Jerry Gulseth, Tom Bredenberg, John Parker, Tom Brimacombe 

Excused absence: Cecil Rich

Guests: John Gervers, Paul Fink

Minutes approved - Tom Bredenberg motion, Jerry Gulseth 2nd, unanimous approval

Roadside Tree Pruning: Guest John Gervers updated the committee on his roadside tree trimming project. The committee does not formally endorse this effort due to the invasive nature of the Siberian Elms and Russian Olives. As individuals, some are supportive while others have reservations, but all applaud John’s efforts to improve the community.

Trails Inspection Spreadsheet:  We discussed following the lead of the Road Committee to inspect the trails each year. We’ll investigate dividing the Greenbelt and Preserve into areas for periodic review and recruit volunteers to inspect. John Reynolds will prepare a spreadsheet for capturing the results, and share it via Google Drive. 

Obie’s Cactus on the Preserve: Many cactus (endangered NM spp) will be planted close to the 101 trail, so we want to view the area and make suggestions to avoid collision with future trails.

Goats on the Greenbelt: Insurance for the goats has been located. The board will vote on the proposal mid-March, and if approved the project will be on the front page of the April Vista and on the billboard  in lieu of mailings. Cost is approx $9,000 for the goats and $600 for insurance. Goats expected sometime in April for about a month’s stay.

Cuesta Lane Blocked Greenbelt Access: Mark Young drafted and sent a letter to the resident who blocked access. We will incorporate this access point as part of the Library Trail project.

Greenbelt Access Signs: In keeping with our desire to mark 20% of the access points each year, signs must be ordered.

Tools: All of the committee tools have been sharpened and the wheelbarrow has been repaired.

Tamarisk Control: Committee members met on the 200 trails and manually removed several tamarisks - We have decided to use manual methods rather than herbicide. Paul Butt observed that the roots of the trees look very sickly. Jerry Gulseth will keep the committee up-to-date with guidance from the Ad Hoc Herbicide Committee.

Mud Signs:  Paul Butt & other commitee members installed the “don’t hike on mud” sign at the 200 trailhead. Signs are now installed at 100, 200, 300 and 400 trailheads. Five signs remain. Paul suggests installing them on visible portions of the greenbelt, such as near the Library (each side of ave. Torreon).

Preserve Closure Policy: We discussed closing the Preserve whenever the Santa Fe Forest is closed. Members support this idea. Signs for closing the Preserve had not been ordered as of the meeting. (Update: signs were ordered March 13.)

Library Trail Progress: Jim Daniel bought a metal detector for the committee, and we were able to find most lot markers and flag a route that avoids private lots (the existing trail crosses several lots). Asked for John Parker and Tom Brimacombe to improve the route if they can.

Gallina Park Trail Planning: John Reynolds suggested flagging a route in Gallina Park as soon as the goats clear the underbrush. Use this flagging to gather neighborhood volunteers, and restore the trail “next”. Gallina is a watercourse, so any trail will be problematic, but an official trail should reduce the number of social trails.

Trail Pruning: Tom Brimacombe explained his periodic trail pruning to the members and suggested coordinating efforts. Developing and publishing guidelines for residents to do routine maintenance was discussed in conjunction with updating the Trail Building SOP documents. John Reynolds to investigate. 

Trail 404 Work Days: April 21st and May 12th. Jim Daniel confirmed with Jan-WIllem after the meeting. We’ll try to get the UNM crew back.  John Parker and Tom Brimacombe to investigate a “better” end to the trail. Commision of a historical survery was discussed and John P will follow up.

COLTPAC: John Parker briefed us on the unfortunate problems in the Gallisteo Basin Preserve. The committee wishes to offer support, and suggests letters to Ed Moreno.

ECIA Website to be updated: We hope to make our documents more accessible when that is completed.

New Chair Election: Jim Daniel has stepped down after many fruitful years as chair. Many thanks to Jim for his service. John Reynolds expressed interest and Tom Bredenberg nominated him for the chair, with John Parker 2nd. Vote was unanimous. John to assume chair immediately on board approval.


Meeting adjourned