Minutes - Conservation Committee

ECIA Conservation Committee Minutes

November 7, 2017

Attendees: Jim Daniel (Chair), Tom Bredenberg (recording secretary), Tom Brimacombe, Rob Egemeier, Jerry Gulseth,  John Henriksen (ECIA Board Liaison)

Guests: None

  1. Minutes Accepted for October 3, 2017 meeting. (Tom Bredenberg Motion, Rob Egemeier Second)
  1. Work day scheduled for Saturday, Nov. 7. We will continue the work started on Oct. 21 on the tentatively entitled 404 trail, perhaps to the ranch road along the eastern boundary fence. University of New Mexico Wilderness Alliance students plan to participate again much to our delight. The Committee will again provide drinking water and pizza afterwards.
  1. Greenbelts- No updates on the Gallina Park Greenbelt trail. We will discuss scheduling flagging the library trail on Saturday.
  1. Pesticide meeting: Jerry Gulseth attended the first meeting of the ad hoc pesticide review committee and plans to continue to participate as the committee becomes fully formed. Related, we agreed to postpone any salt cedar treatment in the 200 wetland until spring. Landscape Practices: Jerry noted that, similar to the Flora and Fauna Group, the information on landscaping practices can be posted on the newcomers’ web page more cost effectively than printing the handout card. The Committee agreed.
  1. Cattle and horses in the 400: Tom Brimacombe determined that the wildlife cam photos of cattle in Upper Cougar Canyon were taken September 15. Jim Daniel recently saw horse hoof prints and fresh manure on the 401 trail. We will check for any fence damage to the eastern boundary fence on Saturday.
  1. COLTPAC: nothing to report other than noting an article in the New Mexican regarding progress on the open space status of the Thornton Ranch.
  1. Old business: JW Jensen submitted an invoice different in some respects than previous ones. Jim Daniel will discuss it with him. New chair, some possible candidates were discussed.
  1. We agreed to forgo the December meeting as is our custom. The next meeting will be Tues, January 2, 2018.
  1. Adjournment: (Rob Egemeier Motion, Tom Bredenberg Second) 8:00 PM.