Minutes - Conservation Committee

ECIA Conservation Committee

Monthly Meeting Minutes

March 3, 2020

Attending; Members Carol Beidleman, Tom Brimacombe (Vice Chair) Thomas Bredenberg, Paul Butt (Chair), Mary Clark, John Parker, Excused Absence; John Reynolds.  Board Liaison Carol Sanguinetti, HOAMCO Representative Mike Rogers, Guests Paul Fink and Juergen Lehmann.

  1. Agenda approved, motion Thomas Bredenberg, 2nd Carol Beidelman.
  2. Appointment of Recording Secretary, Thomas Bredenberg
  3. February Minutes approved as amended, motion John Parker, 2nd Carol Beidelman
  4. Board Liaison Report. Carol Sanguinetti, Carol expressed the Board’s appreciation for the work done for the symposium and that there are still vacancies on the Safety Education Task Force.  
  5. HOAMCO Report, Mike Rogers. Cattle in 400 update: The cattle have been removed and the fence break in the extreme SE corner of the Preserve has been repaired. ECIA’s attorney is drafting a cease and desist letter to the owner of the trespassing cattle. Amelia Adair of the Stables Committee has volunteered to ride the 400 fence line this summer. John Parker remarked that this could be an opportunity to involve the equestrians in the 105-101-104 cupping and braiding repair planning.
  6. Project status updates: 03-14-2020 Event: Dennis Carril, US Forestry Service Fire Ecologist, Peggy Darr, SF County Open Space Resource Management Specialist, and Mike Fuelner, SF County Fire Department Wildland Captain are scheduled to speak. Carol Beidelman will show Peggy Darr some of the greenbelt issues prior to the presentation. Rosemary Romero, a 30-year veteran of building community consensus on environmental matters, will serve as moderator and will facilitate a discussion about “next steps” for Eldorado. Committee members who wish to assist should be at the Railroad Room by 9:30.

                404 Meadow and Trail: Remain side gully and bar ditch rock work remaining, horse tracks on the 404. Jan Willem and the UNM students have submitted available dates.  Postpone any opening celebrations until the maps and signs are ready and installed.

                401 Gully: Plug and pond (items 1 and 3) to be completed this year. Chair Paul Butt will solicit bids. Inspection needed to assure laser leveled flagging still intact. Gully itself will be addressed next year as well as potential PNM or SFCFD grant funding.

                Library Trail: Surveying from tank dam to RR tracks completed, markers flagged and final report pending. PVC. Plan a day for flagging trail and a day for community walk through prior to trail construction. We will report any encroachments on the green belt to Covenant Compliance. Discussion on permanent markers on the final trail to discourage social trail use, trespass, future Vistas article broaching issue of social trails.      

  1. New Business: Spring and Early Summer work day scheduling:

                Sat., March 7      10:00-2:00           Garden Fair, La Tienda, table/booth on weeds

                Sat., March 14   10:00-1:00           Eldorado Greenbelt ecology fire risk, Railroad room, meet at 9:30 to finish set up, etc.

                Mon., March 16                5:00-7:00             Board Meeting, Committee Report

                Tues., March 17                8:00-1:00             Preserve 400 fence line walk, meet @upper gate or make carpool arrangements

                Fri., March 20    1:00-3:00              Library Trail Flagging, meet at Max Coll Center

                Thu., March 26  9:00                       Recon 404 Meadow and 401 gully with Jan Willem, meet at TH4 (tentative)

                Sat., March 28   9:30-1:30              Trail Work Day-planned with UNM volunteers, tools and carpoolers meet at Clubhouse 8:45, meet JW and UNM students at TH4  9:30

                Sat., April 4         10:00-12:00         Library Trail walkthrough with interested community members (proposed) meet at Max Coll center

                Tues., April 7      7:00-9:00              Monthly Conservation Committee Meeting

                Sat., April 25       9:30-1:30              Trail Work day with JW and UNM Students, same arrangements as 03-28

                John Parker noted to a mature pinyon tree is getting strangled by barb wire on the fence next to the new gate at the 400. Mike Rogers said HOAMCO will install a proper post and relieve the tree.

  1. Old Business: Annual report has been submitted timely and completely.

                                                Signage and Maps: Approaching final drafts, updating rules and regulations section.  Discussion of $0.90 per copy once final draft submitted, Fast Signs vs. other vendors.

                                                2020 Budget: Discussion on adjustments to 2020 budget to comply with $19,200 approved total.  Anticipated adjustment of $2500 for printing maps and brochures.

  1. Adjournment: Motion, Tom Brimacombe, John Parker 2nd.