Minutes - Conservation Committee

October 6th, 2020

Committee Attendees:

Paul Butt - chair

John Reynolds - secretary

Thom Bredenberg

Carol Beidleman

Tom Brimacombe

John Parker

Carol Sanguinetti - Board Liaison

Mike Rogers - HOAMCO


Darrel Owen

Jim and Bette Knight

Jurgen Lehman

Sue Will

Jim Olsen

Call to order 7:05 pm

Motion to convene? Motion by Thom, 2nd by John R

Minutes approved? Motion by Thom, 2nd by John R

Board Report by Carol Sanguinetti

  • Text for Preserve brochure has been approved
  • Approval of new logo? Hoping to approve by October meeting
  • 2020 Budget Forum before October Board Meeting - Vote in November

HOAMCO report by Mike Rogers

  • Staff is very pleased with the Kiote “bucket”. It’s very useful for drainage problems
  • Paul: Should be useful for erosion control projects on the preserve
  • Carol: Allocation between committees. Identification of the motorized equipment when used on the preserve. It’s a capital expenditure.

Project Status Updates

Cleanup of Cactus Heaven

Washing with water and a clean brush has fixed a lot. Chalk on the varnish is very easy to remove - on porous rocks, not so much.

  • This work was really hard to do and dangerous. Thom would not recommend do this again due to the danger.
  • The bolts are way too dangerous to attempt removal.
  • People are using the car corral.
  • Hikers with dogs off leash and no masks.

404 Meadow Walk Through

  • Area behind the palisade has filled in nicely.
  • With the work that was done in phase one, the treated areas appear to have stabilized.
  • There are three areas where we need to do some brushing using material that is onsite.
  • Use the 4x4 UTV for moving rock to the site
  • Next Spring, extend the work disk to deflect the water into a natural impoundment area.

410 Dam Site

  • Two bidders so far. Hoping for two more.
  • A couple of trees will have to come out
  • Stage one will be to reroute the water off the road/trail
  • Starve the head cuts
  • Plan on working around nesting season
  • Paul B to plan on having committee members monitor the work

Gallina Park Survey

  • Friday - West side of Rail Trail
  • Weeds are going to seed. Mow them anyway for experience

Preserve Sign Bids

  • One bid so far.
  • 40+ signs

Trail Work Days

  • One day brushing 404 ravine
  • One day for rock work
  • Open to people on the emailing list - keep the group to six or less
  • Brushing project on Wednesday the 14th - start at upper gate 8:00 am
  • Rock work day on Sunday the 25th - start at upper gate 8:00 am

Unauthorized 301 Access Point

  • Thursday morning at 8:30am meet to investigate unauthorized access point with Jan Willem. 100/300 meadow. 301 E/F.
  • People are trespassing, using ATVs, dumping trash, etc.
  • Borders Santa Fe Housing Trust property.
  • Look at the map.

404 Arroyo Trail

  • Paul goes rogue!

Camerada Road Access Points

  • Wait until markers are identified
  • If Roads Committee gets survey equipment, we’ll borrow it.

Susan Will

  • Interested in joining the committee
  • New to Eldorado. Resource management background - mostly in Alaska.
  • BLM. Archaeology, Geology, Paleontology. Rules, laws policies

Jurgen Lehman

  • Thom proposed. John Parker seconded
  • Three Ayes - John Reynolds, Thom Bredenberg, John Parker
  • Will be recommended to the Board

Power line road walk

  • Gate problem
  • Cut fence

What’s the status of the wildlife watering station?

  • Nobody has seen it for a long time.

Dog Leash Policy

  • The current policy requires dogs on a leash on the greenbelt but not the preserve
  • Action item for November meeting - Committee will be polled on whether or not to touch the topic.
  • John P and Carol B: Communications are key. We need a public education campaign.
  • Inform people why. Design a poll. Gather information and educate. Public education.

November Meeting moved to November 10th

Open Forum

Rock Climbing: Archaeology, Conservation, Safety, Liability.

Jim 0lsen: Climbers view this as an amenity. There is a problem of people coming in from the outside. Chalk isn’t a real problem.

There are some cliffs that are appropriate for climbing.

Carol S: This was a temporary decision to close pending research.

Thom: Are you suggesting technical climbing and bouldering?

August 2020 New Mexico magazine has an article on the bouldering culture.

Magnesium carbonate has some problems.

Jim Knight: This area isn’t really a good climbing area. People can drive to better areas. Liability is a real concern.

Paul B: We’re out of time. Continue the discussion.

Findings so far will be posted.

Meeting closed: 9:05 pm

Thom, 2nd by Carol B. All in favor