Minutes - Conservation Committee

September Conservation Committee Meeting


Paul Butt (chair), Thom Bredenberg, Carol Beidleman, John Reynolds (minute taker), Tom Brimacombe, Carol Sanguinetti (board liaison), Mike Rogers (HOAMCO), Nancy Sulzberg (board president) John Parker, absent & excused


Andra Nyman, Champe Green, Chuck (Waldron), Darrel Owen, Jim O(lsen), Jürgen Lehmann, Karen Rodney, Liz Seaborn

Call to order at 7pm

Approved minutes from August meeting, motion Thom Bredenberg, second Carol Beidleman.

Board report - Carol Sanguinetti

Carol passed on the board’s question: Can we spend money this year?

Paul suggests using contractors this year on the 401 project to deal with COVID-19 concerns.

There’s a concern that one good downpour will cause a lot of damage.

The board understands the need to increase the budget, but needs to avoid breaking the bank.

Hike and Bike along Avenida Azul has been asked for.

HOAMCO report - Mike Rogers:

Brush pile removal pilot project in the Library Trail area looks like a success:

The Finance Committee and Sal Monaco were interested in fire risk mitigation in the greenbelt. It was decided to have the HOAMCO maintenance staff do a pilot project to remove hazardous fuel accumulations.

Paul and Tom did a walk through with the staff - Identified six sites where there was accumulation. The staff was asked to leave standing dead trees and large trunks - but remove dead brush. These were marked and Lawrence and Anthony cleaned up the designated areas.

401 Parking Overflow

Fencing on the overflow parking lot of Trailhead 4 has been completed.

An announcement will be sent out. Thom Brendenberg will craft the message.

UTV for Maintenance

Trying to find a UTV for hike and bike and greenbelt maintenance as well as in the preserve. The UTV has a dump bed that would help with hauling rocks.

Three Greenbelt Access Points

Gavilan Place, between 6 and 7 Gavilan

Karen Rodney suggested a path using this access point.

Chuck Waldron points out that his driveway encroaches on the access point.

Paul suggests locating the boundary markers to make them clear and then revisit.

Carol Beidleman pointed out each trail has to be evaluated - we won’t build unless the majority wants it.

Valencia Loop to Los Alamos Park

Barbara Fletcher would like this access point marked.

Melado Trail Extension to Glorieta

Requested at previous meeting

Access from Camerada Road

Badly cupped; used a lot. Thom Bredenberg recommends that interested Committee members visit the site and develop recommendations for this access point. Paul Butt indicated that this access point also needs to have the boundary markers located before any action is taken.

2021 Budget

Paul Butt will put a copy of the budget in the dropbox folder for Committee members.

Committee Applicant

Jürgen Lehmann has expressed interest in joining the committee. We will take this up in October.

Final Map and Brochure

The wording has been finalized by the committee and will be submitted to the board.

Tom will finish up and submit.

Voting on the photos didn’t work. John Parker was the only voter.

We should have had a project to get photos explicitly for the brochure - Next time we’ll plan better for photos.

Nancy would like us to try to get the new logo onto the map and brochure.

The final version should be ready for the October board meeting.


The text on the signs needs to be changed to say: Bikes yield to hikers.

There was some discussion about the Preserve rules concerning dogs. This is part of the larger community discussion about changing the rules for dogs throughout the community, including roads, the greenbelts as well as the Preserve, to require that dogs be on a leash. If the Board decides to change the covenants, we can use a Sharpie to cross out the words on any remaining brochures that say "or under voice control."

401 Project

Develop a request for bid for specialist contractors to finish out the project.

404 Meadow, phase II

Long worm ditch funnels water to an area that needs to be armored.

Thom suggested renting a UTV for moving rock to the site.

Western fence repairs

Access to the project is via the power line easement road.

Paul called for volunteers for exploring the access path. Coordinating with Amelia for horse help will take place.

Fire mitigation update

Private property brush piles to be flagged and the owners notified - topic for discussion next spring.

John Reynolds will work with Mark Young to see if Mark can ID additional areas in the greenbelts where boundary marker locates are needed in order to determine ownership of existing brushpiles that need to be removed.

Thom Bredenberg reported on Community Garden waste in the greenbelt.

Waste is currently dumped into Headcuts off Gavilan Road.

Thom Bredbenberg made a motion that the Community Garden members be requested to stop doing this. Carol Beidleman seconded. Vote in favor of the motion was unanimous.

Adjourned at 9:15 pm. Motion by Thom Bredenberg, second by Tom Brimacombe.