Minutes - Conservation Committee

ECIA Conservation Committee Meeting Minutes February 4, 2020

  1. Approval of Agenda approved as is
  2. Appointment of Recording Secretary Paul Butt
  3. Approval of January Minutes approved as amended
  4. Board Liaison Report Thom made brief comments in lieu of the report, since Board members were in off-site training.

County Liaison                         Joseph Gutierrez is Liaison.

Safety Education Task Force     Debra Denker is Chair & sole member at present

Annual Report due 02-14-2020 Draft is complete and has been circulated to the Committee. Thom will ensure that the report is submitted timely.


HOAMCO report

Mike was unable to attend, due to a family emergency.


Cows in the 400

Thom said all but one have left the preserve. The owner, Steve Warshour, said that the last cow is missing and presumed dead.


400 trailhead parking

(not discussed)


Project status updates:

03-14-2020 Event


Discussion of candidates for the Ecology speaker resulted in selection of Dr. Craig Allen, of the NM Field Station of the USGS, based in Bandelier. Carol Beidlemen will attempt to contact Dr. Allen & see if he is willing to make a presentation. If he's unable to do so, Paul Butt will contact the other three candidates he presented to the Committee.

Thom said that Mike Feulner, Santa Fe County Wildland (fire) Captain has agreed to make a presentation.

Paul Butt will try to locate a qualified person to serve as moderator for the question and answer session.

Vistas article due 02-05-2020   minor revisions were made to the draft circulated previously. (Update: Paul Butt sent the article to Pam Henline on 2/05).

Remaining work on 404 Meadow project - This includes additional rock-work in the ravine being treated. We will set a volunteer work day, preferably mid- to late April to do the work. Our contractor for trail & ecological projects in the preserve, Jan-Willem Jansens, may be able to enlist the help of the UNM students' Wilderness Club members. This has been done in the past and was very successful.

401 Gully - One bid for Phase 1 for the project, as designed by Jan-Willem, was received last fall, but is too costly for the Committee budget. I will work with Jan-Willem to reduce the scope and solicit bids for work in 2020.

Library Trail - Paramount Surveys (Paul Rodriguez) has indicated he will do the work some time the week of 2/17. Afterwards, Committee members will flag the western half of the trail.

Subsequently, we will set a volunteer work day(s) to complete the trail.

Other projects for 2020   tabled until March meeting

  1. New business

2020 Budget                            tabled until March meeting

Selection of New Chair             Paul Butt was nominated and elected by Committee members.

Email controls/protocols           Routine communication should go to the Chair and he/she will send a summary to Committee members. Urgent items should continue to be sent to all members.

Mission/Charter Discussion      Committee consensus is that the 2018 version of the Charter, with the mission as stated, accurately represents what the Committee members see as their objectives and operating guidelines. We will review the Charter again later in the year to make sure it continues to meet these purposes.

  1. Old Business

Signage and Map Updates         Tom Brimacombe led a review of some minor unresolved details of the Preserve Map. The map is almost finished, and he will begin working on updating the text and pictures that go on the front of the brochure.

  1. Open Forum, if time allows J├╝rgen Lehmann was the only guest who attended the meeting, and his comments were allowed during presentation of the agenda items.
  2. Adjournment The meeting was adjourned at 9:03 PM.